Marcuss Hall - Hymns Of Failure (TRACK BY TRACK)

Marcuss Hall just released his new album Hymns Of Failure he gave Sound In The Signals a track by track of the new release. Click READ MORE to check out it out.

You can purchase it for $2.00: HERE.

Hymn Of Failure

This song came after the majority of the album was written but I already had the title. I felt it would be a fitting opener if I could come up something that would make one imagine an old country church or some old people playing on a porch somewhere in the middle of nowhere in blistering heat. I tried to use some traditional chord transitions and throw in some of mine for a personal touch. it’s a hymn, a praise song for whom ever it may be, God, the creator, whatever or whoever is over this world but sung with sorrow and remorse or doubt maybe because the choir is a bit confused on what who the praising but want to praise someone and be right about it

Growing Bored

First off to be clear this song is about people not God. It’s about emotionalism and hype. It’s basically about the person or persons you expect to go to the altar every Sunday to pray through, cry, and shout victory for another week in a row. I'm not one to say they haven’t experienced the true thing but to me everything they show is based all on emotions and it always happens on Sunday while the rest of the week "their spiritual tank is getting low". They just can’t wait to cry and shout and get a re-fill. So saying your poisoned apple won’t do and you’re saving grace wont do is directed to the emotionalist and also the manufactured cookie cutter mood sitting atmosphere, I've grown bored with it.


This one pretty much sums up the whole attitude of the album. It’s searching and questioning. Its something I think about on a daily basis, what's wrong, what's right and who’s to say what is? Is everything literal or some metaphor or just good ideas and examples to apply to our life to make it through? I'll find out one day


One of the definitions of reflect is to think, ponder, or meditate.....we do this everyday. If there honestly is a judge beyond this life then I’m not ready to face all the pain and shame that may be in store for me. Like the lyrics say in the second verse I honestly admit that I wouldn’t really care if this whole affair (life) was meaningless. I think it would take a lot of stress out of my life if I knew for sure but I don’t so everyday I’m faced with wondering what its going to be...

Facebook Statuses

The first verse may seem out of place with the rest of the song to most listeners but its not. its more like hey when you’re not paying attention and look away for a moment I’m covering up all the bad stuff I’ve done trying to get away with it because I know what you’re going to think....which leads us to the rest of the song which is basically about people posting their beliefs about god and religion and opinions on bible verses on facebook and then there are 50 comments between them and their friends tearing down one another in a facebook argument. It’s not productive and in most times what I read is totally out of context of what a verse is saying. I also witness these comments with my own eyes then 15 min later *poof certain ones are deleted. mmmm....

Lover Never Dies

Basically there’s a stalker or a kidnapper. He’s had someone in his basement for sometime now that he’s obsessed with and wants to be with forever. He tells them its ok it’s going to be over soon so please stop crying. He kills them and then lying next to them in their blood he takes his life as well. Their lives are over but the love will live forever, it will never die. I would like to thank the television series criminal minds for this one. I also like to think of it as a creepy children’s lullaby.

Down On My Knees

This is a good example of how you should always keep what you write laying around even if you don’t like it or don’t finish it at first. The first 3 verses were jotted down on a piece of paper in March and laid there until May when I happened to write the last half of the song and they went together. The first half was inspired by a conversation I had with my grandma before she passed away. We were talking god and she said you know what’s right and you know what will happen if you don’t get right and I said well if I’m going to hell I’m going there on my knees because I’m open and searching everyday. So the first part is once again about searching. The second part is about finding out who you are and living for that. Chase your dreams and go after them and don’t let it get away because living unhappy and being someone you aren’t is as bad as going to hell in my opinion

Hymns Of Failure (reprise)

This is the same as the opener but without the instrumentation and with an added verse of amazing grace that’s the opposite of amazing grace. It may be what the author of amazing grace would have written if they had not experienced salvation.

Broken Church

This is an old song! It was written in June of 2005. To make this one short and sweet it’s a commentary on organized religion and the lost and broken souls of the church. Too many people are turned away and turned off by what happens in religion. What’s the cost of this and is it worth it?

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