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Your new album Waiting On An Island really shows a lot of growth from the first album. What inspired the songwriting this time around and what was the most important thing for you to achieve when recording the album?

Michelle:For me songs are inspired by what is going on around me and in my life. With this record we just wanted to make something that we could be proud of.

What do you think is the biggest difference about recording this album from the first album?

When we recorded the first album we had played together very little. With this new album, we had a chance to work on the songs together more then in the past and we had a better idea about how we wanted things to sound. The first record was mostly songs i wrote that everyone worked on where as this new record is much more of a collaboration between Tyler and i.

The vocals on the album have a lot of melody and they turned out great. When you right songs what comes first the song or the melody?
Thanks. It depends on the song. For me, they usually come together at the same time or the melody comes first.

You describe the album as “dreamy, upbeat, 60's pop beauties that are equal parts charming and engaging.” I was wondering what it was about the 60's in particular that really made you zone in on that era for this album?
We just love listening to old records and really wanted this album to have a natural almost vintage feel.

You recorded the album in Tyler's home studio. What was it like recording the record there and what are some of the perks to recording in your own studio?
Well, we started recording at Tyler's but it didn't work out. We weren't getting the sounds and vibe we wanted so we called our friend Bryan Russell who worked with my old band and we did the record with him at Redwire Audio.

The album artwork really captures the vibe of the 60's. I was wondering why you chose the photo you did for album art?
Tyler bought a vintage amp and there were old negatives hidden in the back of it. When he had the photos printed, we knew right away that we wanted to use that photo. I think it goes well with how the album feels.

“Smile” stuck out as one of my favorites on the new album on first listen. The riff on the intro of the song and the vocals are so catchy. I really like the lyrics as well and I was wondering if you could give me some insight into that song and what the song is about and how you came up with lyrics?
Thanks. When i wrote it, i was coming out of a bad time. There was more than one negative situation in my life that i never would have thought i would find myself in. It's mostly about how if you were wronged or if you wronged someone, you have to make a decision to move forward and make something positive come from something negative.

When can fans expect an official album release? I think this album would sound great on vinyl any chance you will be releasing it on that format?
We don't have a release date yet but we are shooting for March. Yes, we do want to release it on vinyl.

This is a question to Michelle. I'm wondering what your thoughts were on your brother re-joining Taking Back Sunday? Was it a surprise to you at all?

When i first heard that John and Shaun were re-joining TBS i was at first a little surprised but it makes a lot of sense and i'm so happy to see them doing so well. We shared years of touring experiences together and nothing makes me happier than seeing my old band mates doing what they love and having success. I just saw Will play with Fun last week and it was a blast!

To close out the interview I have one thing I have to ask. You have the craziest 80's style photo of your band as the background on twitter. What inspired the 80's looking photo and what is the story behind it?
Ha, The photo was taken at an 80's prom party we went to in the summer.

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