Christie Dupree - Tells Sound In The Signals Her Top 5 Favorite Shows Of All Time

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At the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands, TX

I’m pretty sure it was in 2001, so I would have been 11 years old.

Radiohead is possibly my favorite band ever, right after The Beatles, of course.

We were on the lawn, so Thom Yorke was about the size of a baby carrot from where we were, but I remember taking turns with my sisters sitting on our dad's shoulders with a pair of binoculars watching the show.

But it was worth it, the show was incredible, they are all obviously flawless performers, Thom Yorke's voice is mesmerizing. I feel silly trying to describe a Radiohead show. It's Radiohead.

What else is there to say?


Now here I may be partially biased because MuteMath's drummer, Darren King, is my brother in law, but all possible-biased-ness aside, MuteMath is one of my favorite bands.

And if you have ever seen them live, you'll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I had the chance to be on part of one of their tours, when they toured with my siblings' band, Eisley, in 2007.

Every single night I'd watch their show and every single night I would think to myself "That was their best show ever. Hands down. There is no way they can top that one." and then the next night, sure enough, I was proved wrong.

Then a couple of years later I saw them play again at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX. And it was definitely my favorite show of theirs to date.

Seeing a MuteMath show is comparable to going to the Circus or an amusement park. It's just THAT entertaining. The way they are constantly pulling crazy stunts like jumping off their keyboards or bass drums or hanging from the ceiling rafters, yet never missing a single note or a beat or anything. It's amazing and definitely a band I encourage everyone to go see, even if you aren't a fan of their music -- or don't think you are yet.

Jeremy Enigk.

At the House of Blues in Dallas, TX. 2008.

Jeremy Enigk is one of my all time favorite song writers, so I am always excited to get to see him play.

This particular show was just him and an acoustic guitar, (as opposed to him with Sunny Day Real Estate) but what was so amazing was that even though it was just him and his guitar, there was not a single thing missing.

His voice just carries so well on its own. It's flawless. He didn't miss a single note.

And after the show he just picked up his backpack off the floor and humbly walked off stage, probably not even realizing that he'd just put the entire room in awe, and that it would take us all a good few minutes for us to drag our chins off of the floor.


In Austin, TX. at South by Southwest festival, 2010.

Kashmir is another band that I lump together with The Beatles and Radiohead in my favorite’s category.

They are from Denmark, so getting to see them play in the US was a rare treat.

It was a pretty small room with an even smaller crowd, because I guess not too many people in the states are aware that they are missing out on this amazing band, which is extremely sad. During their show I felt like I should go outside and start telling random strangers to come inside and see what they were missing!

But of course I didn't because I was glued to my spot, I wasn't about to miss a second of their show because I knew it was (but hopefully not) a once in a lifetime opportunity. Such amazing music. If I were a dude, I would want to have Kasper's (their singer's) voice.


At the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. 2003.

I've seen them a handful of times, but this particular show was my favorite.

It was amazing, obviously in part because Coldplay is such a great band, but also because their fan base is so vast, that every single person there knows the words to every song and is singing in unison, and with the pretty lights and the beautiful music and the cool night air, It just started feeling like I was in a different world. It's hard to worry about anything else when you're at one of your favorite bands shows with that many people there; all singing together... it was just a very magical night.

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