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I recently had the opportunity to interview Gold Bloom. We discussed their new song “Sink or Swim”, musical inspiration, songwriting, their upcoming EP ‘Hazy’, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Shaun (guitar) & Benji (vocals): Thanks for having us!

Some of you have been in a few pop/punk bands over the years. How did you all get together and form Gold Bloom?

Shaun: We were originally a different line up. Then, during COVID lockdown, two members left and we reached out to Benji & Damo (Bass) as we knew of them from bands they were in and everything sort of just clicked straight away. 

You recently released your song “Sink or Swim”. Can you tell me about writing and recording the song?

Shaun: I wrote the verse and the chorus and felt I was onto something a bit different from our usual sound. I liked the swing to it and by the time Benji had thrown some vocal ideas over it, it instantly became one of - if not THE - favourite track for me. We went down to the studio and Joe (guitar) reworked the solo with me and our producer and we ended up with something special I think.

What was the musical and lyrical inspiration and/or influences on it?

Benji: There’s quite a lot of space in the verses which was super fun for me cause I knew I could play around and have fun with the vocal rhythms. I listened to a lot of The 1975 during the writing for Hazy (and since to be fair!) and I’ve always been enamoured by Matt Healy’s wordy but sing-songy vocal parts and I think that inspo certainly shines through on Sink or Swim!

Shaun: The music came after I wrote the verse chord progression and the rest wrote itself fairly quickly. I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound pretty fast so this was actually one of the easier tracks to write for me.

What’s your favorite part about writing songs? What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of writing?

Benji: My favourite part of songwriting is once a general structure is down, you can start layering different guitar parts and experimenting with instruments, trying different rhythm patterns, just making the production sound like Gold Bloom basically!

Shaun: I love having an idea recorded on a shitty iPhone voice memo and wondering if it will sound as good as I hope it will when we demo it. Then we demo it and it either sounds dreadful or sounds amazing. It's always fun finding out which. It's always a challenge writing a small part that blows you away and then keeping the rest of the track the same quality. We never want to write "b-side" tracks so it can take a while to get a track to a point where we're happy with it.

The song is from your upcoming EP ‘Hazy’. What can you tell me about it so far?

Shaun: The EP name perfectly encapsulates the feeling of what it was like to work on it. The whole thing happened both very quickly and also took the longest to finish. We were arguing about what songs to include, how they should go, what direction to take and in the end it made the whole experience "hazy". We had a blast making it but it does feel a little day dreamy when I try and remember it all.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Shaun & Benji: Thanks for asking them! We have a new track, 'Head Cold' out on September 28th and the final track/EP drops on October 27th! Check it out and thanks again for having us.

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