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I recently had the opportunity to interview Half Past Two. We discussed writing their song, “Top Gun”, trying something different with the new video, collaborating with Rae Mystic, their upcoming Wet Hot Skamerican Summer show, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Max: No problem, thanks for asking us!

You recently released your video for “Top Gun”. You worked with Rae Mystic. They have such a unique style and have done some fantastic work with We Are The Union. What was it like working with them and how influential were they to the style of this video?

Max: The director Rae Mystic came up with everything for the video top to bottom. We have 100% trust in their vision and let them run wild. The amount of work and dedication they put into every project is truly astonishing and makes it difficult to want to work with anyone else. We were excited to do something very different from any of our past videos and really different from any other ska music videos we’ve seen.

Do you have a favorite moment from the video?

Max: It’s so hard to pick just one part! The dancers (Danielle Adams and Natalie Sepulveda) did an incredible job choreographing and executing the dance, especially considering they didn’t get to see the location until the day of the shoot. I’m also so impressed with Tara’s performance in this video. I’m incredibly proud of her development and growth over the years.

The song is somewhat different from some of your other songs lyrically. Can you tell me about writing this song?

Tara: I was sick of the dribble that people were telling me about how mask mandates and vaccines were infringing on their personal freedoms when in my own home, their ignorance was a major concern to my loved ones’ health and well being. I really felt angry and glossed over, I was quickly learning that people I was close to weren’t going to even hear me out about why these things were so important. Half Past Two isn’t known for angry songs, so this one seemed out of pocket, but I was HAPPY to tell these people off in “Top Gun.” Even the music is different from the other songs on the record, feels more serious just like what we were saying with the lyrics. We really love the story Rae established in the video. The dancers really show how a deep relationship can be irreparable.


Did you always know it would end up being a single?

Max: Not specifically, but we did plan to, and have, released singles for most of the songs on the record. As we’ve been coming to the end of the promotional cycle for the record, we did want to make sure this track got a spotlight because it is so different from the rest and shows another side of our style. 

What’s coming up for the band for the remainder of 2022?

Max: The next big thing we have coming up is our big summer show the Wet Hot Skamerican Summer! We’ve wanted to put on an annual summer show for awhile but the stars haven’t aligned until this year. What’s most exciting is that it is free and all ages, which is rare these days but used to be a staple of our scene. The event takes place July 23rd at the Hangar 24 Brewery in Irvine, CA (more information available here). Beyond that, we have a few more shows throughout the summer and plans for new music later in the year.

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