Sound In The Signals - 2022 Anticipated Music Releases

With this year's list we decided that we would choose artists who we believe will release albums, EPs, or in some cases new singles this year. Some artists have announced and/or confirmed releases and others are listed here because they have been in the studio or plan to record this year. If they were in the studio or have announced plans to be soon, then we expect to hear music at some point this year from those artists. We’ve decided to highlight some artists on the list and list the remaining projects. This list is in no particular order. Of course, there are numerous other releases we will anticipate once announcements come and we will undoubtedly miss some now. Stay up to date with new announcements and releases here and via our social media accounts. Check out our anticipated music list below.

Joyce Manor - ‘TBA’

Joyce Manor has become one of the most constantly great punk bands of the last decade. I assume their upcoming album will continue the trend.

Park National - ‘TBA’

Liam Fagan, the mastermind behind Park National, is poised to have a breakout year. His debut album was fantastic and I truly believe he could be one of the next big breakout artists from the emo scene.

Sueco - ‘It Was Fun While It Lasted’ 

If you’ve been enjoying the MGK, Mod Sun, etc… brand of punk over the last few years then I think this album will be right up your alley. This album should be fantastic based on the 2021 singles and some previewed clips that we’ve already heard.

408 - ‘Sherbert’

I think 408 is poised to have a breakout year similar to Magnolia Park. This band has been evolving and finding their sound throughout their career and I think this release will help solidify it.

Chief State - ‘TBA’

If you’re a fan of Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, or The Story So Far I think that you’re going to dig this one a lot. Their 2021 song “Metaphors” showed a more refined, mature sound for the band and I hope they go in that direction for this album. I think this is going to be some standout pop/punk for this year.

Real Friends - ‘TBA’

After debuting a new singer in 2021 the band has been back in the studio teasing new music. Their 2021 EP was fantastic. I’m excited to hear what they’ll come up with and how they’ll evolve.

Keep Off The Grass - ‘Here But Not There’

This album will finally see the release of the full band version of “14th and Jasmine” which is a truly phenomenal song. I’m hoping the album follows the trend of that song. I’m expecting it to feature exceptional songwriting.

Carly Cosgrove - ‘TBA’

This is another band that I feel is poised for a big breakout year in 2022 in the emo/punk scene. Their 2021 single “Munck” is great and I expect the album will be just as good.

Arm’s Length - ‘TBA’

After releasing a top-tier EP in 2021 I expect this band to take it even further and continue to grow. This could be a really big album for the emo/punk scene in 2022.

Meet Me @ The Altar - ‘TBA’

MM@TA was one of the stars of the 2021 pop/punk revival and they’ve been teasing an album. I feel like this band definitely has some pressure to follow-up their 2021 EP, but I think they’ll live up to the hype. I expect some really solid vocals on this one.

Kennyhoopla - ‘TBA’

Kennyhoopla has been one of the biggest stars of the mainstream punk revival. He’s been teasing a debut album. I think this will be one of the best albums of 2022. I think he’ll continue to do what he does best on this album while throwing some curve balls stylistically.

State Champs - ‘TBA’

I expected to hear this album in 2021, but it never came. I think State Champs is poised to release another solid album full of great vocals and catchy songs based on the singles that have been released and the quality shown so far. 

Mom Jeans - ‘Sweet Tooth’ 

The singles from this album have been great and better than quite a few songs off ‘Puppy Love’. I think this will be a massive album in the emo/punk scene. This might just be one of the best albums from that scene this year.

Pinegrove - ‘11:11’

Pinegrove has been incredibly consistent. I expect this album to continue the trend. I think it’s going to be very strong vocally and lyrically as with any Pinegrove album. 

blink-182 - ‘TBA’

blink has been teasing an EP or album for a couple years. With Mark, thankfully, recovered from cancer hopefully this will be the year that we hear it. Matt Skiba has confirmed in various interviews that a project has been completed. I expect this to be great.

Sundy Best - ‘TBA’

This was an album that I expected to hear in 2021. It didn’t happen. I’ve seen some live video confirming new songs. I expect a new album will come out this year.

Keep Flying - ‘TBA’

Keep Flying has been teasing that their debut album could be coming in 2022. This is one of my most highly anticipated releases. They’re one of the best punk bands right now. They’ve been incredibly consistent and I expect them to continue their trend of great music. 

Wstr - ‘TBA’

The band has been teasing a third album for a while. They’ve been relatively quiet on social media over the last couple of years. They did release two singles in 2021, which were both great, and they signed to a new label so I truly think 2022 will be the year we hear this album. I think this is going to be great.

blackbear - ‘In Loving Memory’

blackbear has been teasing a project with Travis Barker. The song clip in the video sounds fantastic. I feel like if he goes in a more rock direction and mixes in some of his trademark pop and rap elements that this could be one of the best albums of 2022.

Avril Lavigne - ‘TBA’

Avril has been working with Travis Barker, Mod Sun, and John Feldmann on a pop/punk album. She’s also hinted in interviews that MGK might be featured on the album. The first single is pretty solid and catchy. I think this album will be a return to form for her and her best album in years.

Oakrest - ‘TBA’

I expected this release in 2021, but it looks like 2022 will be the year for Oakrest. The band just finished recording their debut album. I anticipate some songwriting growth and tons of fun summer pop/punk songs. I think this is going to be great.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena - ‘TBA’

“Curly Q” was great and if the band head in that direction for a new album then I think it will turn out great as well. I’m expecting big things from them as they’ve signed with Pure Noise as well. 

Camp Trash - ‘TBA’

This was rumored to be out in 2021. I heard that vinyl delays could have caused the album delay. To say I’m highly anticipating this release would almost be an understatement. This band is one of the best bands in the genre currently. I feel like this will be one of the best albums of 2022.

IV & The Strange Band - ‘Southern Circus’

The Williams lineage in country music has been very impressive. Hank III’s son, IV’s debut album is one of my most anticipated country albums of the year, if not my most. I’m very interested to see what he releases on his debut album.

One Flew West - ‘The Blur’

The single releases so far from this have been great. The title track is so catchy and well done. I expect some really solid lyrics and catchy choruses on this album.

Machine Gun Kelly - ‘Born With Horns’

No artist has shaken up the mainstream rock world like MGK over the last couple of years. He linked back up with Travis Barker for this album. I expect an evolution of his pop/punk sound with some minor elements of rap on this album. The first single “Papercuts” is really well done. I expect this album to be one of the best of 2022.

49 Winchester - ‘TBA’

This is one of my most anticipated country albums for this year. I continue to listen to previous album ‘III’ a lot. I expect this will be the year when we will hear something new and I think it will be really good.

Lil Aaron - ‘TBA’

Lil Aaron has been teasing his debut album as ‘the best album of all time’. He’s previewed a fantastic new acoustic song. I feel like he’s going to deliver the best project of his career with this one. I’m hoping this leans more into the emo/rock/pop/punk parts of Lil Aaron’s sound.

Smrtdeath - ‘It’s Fine’

I feel like Smrtdeath is going to have a big year and this album is really going to elevate him. He’s released four singles and all of them have been really good. I expect the remaining songs to be just as good.

 Topiary Creatures - ‘You Can Only Mourn Surprises’

I really liked the debut album 'Tangible Problems' and the new single "Juice Boxes At The Finish Line" shows a good evolution for the band. I think this will be their best set of songs to date.

Weatherstate - ‘Never Better’

I've enjoyed everything released from this album so far. I expect the remaining songs to be just as good.

Anxious - ‘Little Green House’

The sonic evolution and overall songwriting style show this band has refined their sound on what we've heard from this album so far. I'm really interested to hear what else they did on this album. 

Last Letters - ‘TBA’

 Last Letters is working on a 3 song release that combines elements of last year’s singles. Charles Iwuc is a great songwriter and I think these songs will be really great.

Logan Halstead - ‘TBA’

 Logan Halstead has been making some big waves in the country scene. If Cole Chaney was the up and coming star last year then I think Halstead will be that this year. I can see him gaining some big traction and having a breakout year.

Zeal & Ardor - ‘Zeal & Ardor’

The Weeknd - ‘Dawn FM’

A Will Away - ‘Stew’

Wounded Touch - ‘Americanxiety’

Senses Fail - ‘Hell Is In Your Head’

As It Is - ‘I Went To Hell And Back’

College Radio - “Survival Guide”

Reclawed - “A Lie We Tell Ourselves”

Clearfight - ‘Comfort In Your Skin’

Venom Prison - ‘Erebos’ 

Earl Sweatshirt- ‘Sick!’

Dashboard Confessional - ‘All The Truth I Can Tell’

Underoath - ‘Voyeurist’ 

Frank Turner - ‘FTHC’

Girlfriends - ‘TBA’

Mod Sun - ‘TBA’

The Story So Far - ‘TBA’

44blonde - ‘TBA’

Man Overboard - ‘TBA’

In Her Own Words - ‘TBA’

Chad Tepper - ‘TBA’

Tyler Posey - ‘TBA’

Yungblud - ‘TBA’

Cleveland Avenue - ‘TBA’

Temple Of Void - ‘TBA’

The Nightmares - ‘TBA’

The Lunar Year - ‘TBA’

New Heroes - ‘TBA’

Penny Bored - ‘TBA’

Pool Kids - ‘TBA’

The Chainsmokers - ‘TBA’

Vein.fm - ‘TBA’

Brockhampton - ‘TBA’  

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