Sound In The Signals - Best Singles Of 2021

I think this year was a pretty great year for music. A ton of good albums and EPs came out in 2020, but the music industry pushed for a big bounce back after a really rough 2020 (mostly due to the pandemic). With that big push came a ton of great albums, EPs, and singles. 2021 is one of the best years for music releases in a while. This list represents what I would consider to be my favorite standalone single releases of the year that did not appear on an album or EP and/or hasn’t been announced as appearing on an upcoming album or EP. When considering the list and order I took into account what I listened to the most, my own personal taste, and what were my biggest go-to releases this year.



1.Last Letters - “I Love You, Amy Smart”

Last Letters had a string of really good singles this year, but “I Love You, Amy Smart” is my favorite. It’s extremely well-written and produced. The blink-182 influences are really strong in the song. So many pop/punk songwriters try to bring in blink influences and they often just can’t pull it off or it just falls really flat in the songwriting. Charles Iwuc, on the other hand, succeeds in grand fashion where many have failed. This song is probably the best blink-182 song that the band never wrote. It’s catchy, fast, and I really like a lot of the lyrics. I kept returning to this song all year. He also released an acoustic version of the song, which is also a very good listen.

2.Machine Gun Kelly - “Love Race”

3.Mod Sun - “Down”

4.Wstr - “JOBBO”

5.nothing, nowhere. - “Pieces Of You”

6.Camp Trash - “Weird Florida”

7.Girlfriends - “Congratulations”

8.Sueco - “Sober/Hungover”

9.Carly Cosgrove - “Munck”

10.Nathan James - “Contain Myself”

11.Crooked Teeth - “Hallelujah (Wish I Never Knew Ya)”

12.The Lunar Year - “Medicine”

13.Yungblud - “Fleabag”

14.Knuckle Puck - “Levitate”

15.House Parties - “Hindsight”

16.44Blonde - “At Least I Know Your Name!”

17.Chad Tepper - “Lonely Tonight”

18.Oakrest - “Love For One Day”

19.Charlotte Sands - “Bad Day”

20.Brakence - “argyle”

21.Poptropicaslutz! - “Who Remembers MTV?”

22.Matchstick Ghost - “Plum Summer”

23.Kailee Morgue - “Butterflies”

24.Arizona Zervas - “Still Breathing”

25.Phem - “Silly Putty”

26.Penny Bored - “Gemini”

27.Caspr - “Snow”

28.carolesdaughter - “My Mother Wants Me Dead”

29.Boxboy - “Better Off Alone”

30.Slipknot - “The Chapeltown Rag”

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