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I recently had the opportunity to interview Jacob McCabe of Chet Wasted. We discussed what led him to pursue his new solo project, which song came easiest and hardest during the writing process for new album, ‘Raspberry’, recording during the lockdown, signing with Count Your Lucky Stars, and more. Check it out below.

Fans may know you from Perspective, a lovely hand to hold. What made you decide to pursue a solo project? 

Well at the time we (PALHTH) had just finished our last tour (unknowingly for a long time) and we all just wanted a little break from that project so we just took the reprieve we all needed. I live with James (PALHTH bassist) now and he had been writing songs and we had been writing some songs together. I don’t know I guess just the ever expanding interest in different kinds of music and the love of writing songs pushed things that way. Sometimes you’ll just have a pile of songs and not know what to do with them, and they don’t necessarily fit in with the stuff you’ve been doing. That’s sort of how this came about. I would call it a pursuit as much a cause and effect.

You recently released your new album, ‘Raspberry’. Tell us more about the writing and recording process.

So ‘Raspberry’ was mostly songs that were demoed shortly after that tour of fall 2019. When much of the country and world shut down James came up from NYC where he was living and we set up a recording studio in our rehearsal space in New Hampshire and recorded both of our records simultaneously. It was really exceptionally nice to have nothing else to do besides that. In the past for other projects life is still sorta going on while you’re in the studio. This was the first time there was nothing going on and it felt like time stood still for a little while. I really enjoyed recording it. There’s certainly some things I’d go back and do differently. But my memory of it was pleasant.

Which song came easiest to write and which was the most challenging? Why? 

Hmmmm I suppose the easiest might have been Distant Lovers. It’s really a very simple song, but I think it’s a very pretty melody and accompaniment. The hardest one that I’m still not really happy with was Walking in Circles. You live and you learn ya know?

You also recently announced signing with Count Your Lucky Stars. How has the experience been so far? 

It has been fantastic to work with Keith at CYLS. I mentioned this in a tweet, but I was a serious fan of that label growing up. An entire year of my high school experience can be recounted as me wearing CYLS and Empire! Empire! Shirts. Really a very cool thing to be apart of. I can’t wait to do more work with them to be honest.

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