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I recently had the opportunity to interview GILT. We discussed the band’s recent livestream Snipfest, how the skills they developed on the road running shows translates to hosting a livestream, where the band currently is in the process of recording their upcoming album, when fans might get to hear new songs, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Of course! Thank you for reaching out to us!

You recently hosted a couple livestream sessions. Can you tell me a little about those and why you chose to do them? 

We tried really hard to put off releasing the LP in 2020, but as it became clear the pandemic wasn’t going anywhere, we changed our whole strategy (mostly touring) and knew live streams were basically the only way we could perform any of this new material for anyone. We were pretty picky because we really wanted high quality content, only doing a few for our label (KPR), one of our favorite publications (The Alternative), and our friends (Heckdang) and a few more. 

The only one we actually hosted was Snipfest, our annual charity festival, which ended up surpassing our fundraising goals almost threefold! We’ve always booked our own shows and take coordinating events really seriously, so it was honestly nice to have all this energy to pour into just this one event we were truly in charge of, especially since all the funds went to an important cause, gender-affirming name changes.

What goes into putting together a livestream and how do you make sure your performance translates to an online audience?

We’ve always been told that we’re a live band, so even recording the album our heads were already in a ‘how does this translate’ space. Luckily, we’ve spent this last year really curating our gear, and we have experience recording ourselves from every previous release, so the technical aspect was great. The thing that we realized really put it over the top for us was a live videographer. The way Cole, who shot both our MCR and Snipfest sets, navigates the space in an organic way really makes it feel like a show, and their color grading skills which are all done in pre are unparalleled. Besides that, it’s just like any show. You have to invite everyone, and you have to be there in the chat with them, keeping the hype up. A lot of the skills we developed on the road running shows pretty much directly translate.

I saw that you’re working on your next album. How far into the writing process are you? 

We’re probably about 30% done. We made 14 instrumental demos, 2 got scrapped, a few more hang in the balance but there’s a core group that play really well together and are definitely setting the tone for what the whole collection should be sounding like. Maybe three of them have lyrics, that’s the next big step.

What can fans expect from your new music? Are you trying anything different with your songwriting or recording? 

Ignore What’s Missing’ had a sort of core of alt rock and punk, and this time we’re trying to fuse the rhythms together into something in the middle. It’s a lot more mid-tempo and rhythmic so far, pulling a lot more from hardcore in that sense. And with Ash moving up front, the vocal dynamic is definitely going to change because their range is just so much wider than Tyler’s.

When do you think fans might hear something from it? 

We’re hoping to be in the studio in early fall, which means singles would be coming out late fall or early winter. A lot of this is going to be based on how vaccine rollout goes. We had a VERY robust physical promotional cycle planned for IWM, and we’d very much like to implement it for LP2.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview! We just recently signed to Queers To The Front management so we can finally get things behind the scenes organized and we’re gonna be taking some time off playing livestreams to focus on writing LP2 for the time being, but we’ll still be active on our social medias!

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