Pale Waves - "There's A Honey" (Song Review)

Pale Waves new single "There's A Honey" is a big single for the group. They are signed to the same label as The 1975 (Dirty Hit) and the track is produced by The 1975's Matty and George so it's not hard to have some massive expectations when going into this single.

"There's A Honey" basically lives up to all those expectations. The band wear those 80s post punk/pop influences heavy in their music in a similar way that The 1975 do. The production duo of Matty and George probably complimented them extremely well as both bands share some similarities. Where Pale Waves really stands out as a group that's destined to make their own mark on the indie scene is the very good vocal performance of Heather Baron-Gracie. She adds a lot to the overall song and helps it rise above just being a group that sound eerily similar to The 1975. That's not to say that the band doesn't bring it. The track has great guitar work and nice sounding drums. I'm just saying being on the same label and having production by The 1975 will get them compared by many and I think Baron-Gracie's vocals will give them that extra push to show they can stand on their own feet just fine.

This track is easily one of the better songs I've heard so far this year. It really builds anticipation for me for what comes next from this band. It's a mostly upbeat song, it's performed really well, and its production is on point. If you are a fan of The 1975, 80s post punk, or 80s pop I think this song is a must check out. I think this group could have a really big 2017 if all the chips fall in the right places. In any case they are off to a great start with this song. Listen below.

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