Homebound - 'The Mould You Build Yourself Around' Track by Track

As pop punk band Homebound gear up to release their third EP, The Mould You Build Yourself Around via Rude Records on 10th February, they share some insight into what to expect. "I think every song on this EP offers something different. We'll always appeal to the mainstay of pop punk fans but I'd like to think we're so much more than that and hopefully people will see that with this release. It's a more mature sound; definitely darker in areas. It's a lot closer to where we want to be as a band musically." With that overview in mind, Homebound now takes us through the impending release, track by track…

1) Headspace: Headspace was the first track we wrote on the EP but during the course of the writing process, it went under a number of changes. Sometimes the first song can be the hardest to write as it can be difficult to know where to start. I think we hit our stride towards the end of the whole writing process which is why it continually went under changes. However, of all the songs on the EP, the Headspace vocals were probably the most straightforward to write and didn’t vary much from the very first demo we did of the track. I remember coming up with the chorus hook whilst stuck serving customers at work. Once we begun working on the song, I knew it worked well with it and the rest of the melodies on this song, much like the EP writing process, came very naturally. Musically, Headspace best represents the EP as a whole and encompasses all the different themes within it.

2) Pensive: Pensive was a very late addition to the EP. We began working on the track no more than 2 weeks before we went to the studio and came together very quickly, reiterating how we often hit our best form the further we are into the writing process. It worked as the perfect follow up to Headspace in the track listing order with the seamless transition between the two tracks. It's the most poppy track on the record but that's by no means said derogatorily. It really contributed to making it a fun, bouncy and catchy song for the EP and includes what is probably my favourite section from the EP. The song describes the struggles of chasing a career in something as difficult as music and the way it plays on your mind. 

3) Distrait: We wrote this song relatively early in the writing of this EP and is one of the 'heavier' songs on it. It's super fun to play live and definitely my favourite chorus. It's very easy to just ignore your problems and let them get on top of you because you don't wish to burden others with it or in the fear they won't understand. By my own admission, I know I do this and subsequently, I come across very distant and absent minded, even in the company of friends and family. This song is itself, my admission and I hope it can encourage others to open up and talk about things.

4) Sonder: I came across a book written by an author who coined terms that aim to fill a hole in the English language, giving a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yet have a word for. One of those was Sonder which was described as "n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness.." This really resonated with me and helped me to see that we as individuals get so caught up in our own lives, we often forget that there are others sharing the same experiences. I think Sonder will come as a surprise to some people and maybe prove we're not just a one trick pony. It really helps to break up the EP sonically; hopefully people really dig it.

5) Broken Reverie: We’re all really stoked on every track, but if I had to pick one that we're most excited for people to hear, it would have be the end track, Broken Reverie. We worked really hard to get this song right as we knew it had the potential to be one of the best on the EP. It's very intense and fast; one for kids at shows to really lose their sh-t to haha. I think it demonstrates how far we’ve come as a band, it’s super fun to play and translates really well live. I think it could turn out to be a fan favourite.

Pre-order the EP via Rude Records.

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