Buzzcocks - 'Spiral Scratch' EP and 'Time's Up' Re-issued

Domino Music is re-issuing Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch EP and their 1976 demos Time's Up for the 40th anniversary. Spiral Scratch is due out January 27th and Time's Up is due out March 10th with the Buzzcocks (mk.1) Box. You can order them separately or get the box set including " 7” vinyl and CD of ‘Spiral Scratch’, LP vinyl and CD of ‘Time’s Up’ and audio & video download codes, plus reprinted ephemera of the time, including assorted 10” x 8” photographs, 1976 gig flyers and posters, pin badges, the ‘Spiral Scratch’ story and a new re-imagined edition of Manchester fanzine, ‘Shy Talk’ with original contributions from those who were there at the time" here. Find more info here.

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