Nessly - 'Solo Boy Band' (Quick Review)

 The auto-tuned crooner/singer/rapper comes through with nine solid songs that continue to show his ability to mix a nice set of ambient, sparse beats and auto-tuned rapping and singing. Together it creates a nice atmosphere and vibe. Solo Boy Band is a really solid project. The entire EP is very listenable. I think of all his projects that this may be his most standout set of songs. It also shows a refinement of his sound. "Riot Riot Riot" showcases this really well and is one of the best songs on the EP. It has the auto-tuned singing, sparse beat, and rhyming and it's all done extremely well. It's the perfect night time driving song. The lyrical content is really interesting on a lot of these songs, as well. Sometimes when rappers/singers attempt this style it can either sound disjointed, or at worst boring and plodding, but I think Nessly avoids that by creating the right mixture of all these things and delivering a really solid project. 2017 could be a really big year for Nessly coming off the strength of some of his previous projects and the high quality of this release. I definitely recommend checking this out!

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