Homebound "Headspace" (Behind The Scenes Of The Video)

Recently announced as support to Four Year Strong, Surrey pop punk band Homebound plan to release their third EP, The Mould You Build Yourself Around via Rude Records on February 10, 2017. Following the recent release of their lead single "Headspace", the band gives us insight into the making of the video and their reason for it's choice. Read that and find our recent interview with the band here.

"We knew we wanted a performance video and all had a similar idea for a set, it was just lucky that we knew somewhere we could use that was so accessible. Alex Mac-Praed, who directed the video, has 24/7 access to the house in Leatherhead, Surrey, where we filmed the video. It had been due for demolition until a film crew stepped in wanting to use the house for a film set. There were multiple rooms which we could have used for the band performances but decided on this one for the colours, the natural light and space. We wrapped up the video shoot all within one long day but we were very stoked with the outcome.

Any band will tell you, picking the first single is very difficult. It’s going to be peoples’ first impression of the new record and for many, a first impression of your band. Musically, we felt Headspace best represented the EP as a whole and encompassed all the different themes within it. Every song on the EP is quite different but still keeps a collective sound. If you liked Headspace, there will definitely be a song on the EP for you.

Headspace is very much how it sounds. After any sort of relationship break up, depending on what side of it you are on, there's always a period of turmoil in which you are battling with yourself and your tendency to overthink and replay scenarios in your head. The setting of the solo shots was a subtle hint towards how it can leave you feeling very isolated and somewhat trapped from the outside world.

Get the EP on iTunes and pre-order it here.

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