Farewell For Now - "Merry Christmas, I Miss You"

Credit: Adam Raschka
Syracuse-based acoustic act Farewell For Now released his debut single "Merry Christmas, I Miss You".  Singer/songwriter Matheus Amado said he was inspired after someone unexpectedly came back into his life. "It's kind of a long lost song," says Amado. "The idea is centered around the idea that you loved someone long ago and that person comes back into your life as a completely different person."

Amado (previously in Above-Ground) started his solo project after being bedridden with a shattered leg. His band was involved in an accident that totaled their van and eventually led to their disbandment while on tour with Rookie of the Year. "I knew the band wasn't going to last because of the accident, so I just resorted to writing," says Amado. "Writing music during that time felt so necessary. I was also very excited at this point because I always loved the intimacy that acoustic music brings, much like Dashboard Confessional. Once I was able to leave the house, I went straight back to the studio to record my debut EP (which will be out this January)."

Listen to his new song below and find it on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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