Nominee & Dozer TX - Split EP (Quick Review)

Nominee and Dozer TX are very good upcoming bands that have great sounds that border pop/punk and emo/punk. Both have released projects prior to this split and coming together for this split showcases them both in a great way. Both songs are great summer songs and they compliment each other nicely. They are super energetic and well performed.

Dozer TX provides the track "Paternal", which is more of a straight forward pop/punk summer jam. It has super catchy guitar work throughout the song. I like the vocals; they have some rough edges to them and some really nice higher melodic parts, as well. Nominee's "White Water" leans more on the emo/punk side of things. It definitely has some pop/punk elements, but the vocals are a lot more reminiscent of the emo/punk side of things. There are some really cool moments especially two minutes into the song that recall early Brand New or Taking Back Sunday. This is a good split that is a nice starting point for two up and coming bands that are worth your time to check out.

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