saturdays at your place, Summerbruise & Shoplifter - ‘That's What Friends Are For’ Split EP Track By Track

saturdays at your place, Summerbruise, and Shoplifter recently released their split EP ‘That's What Friends Are For’ via No Sleep Records. Today they’re telling us more about writing those songs in an exclusive track by track for the EP. Check it out here and more about each song below. 

Grounding by Shoplifter

Grounding is a song about sticking your feet in the dirt when you’re feeling overwhelmed with life and also finding comfort in the company of your partner.

(I Always End Up) Fighting With the Pencil by Summerbruise 

This song is basically a direct refutation of "Daddog." It's a conversational diary entry lamenting the fact that the guy in charge just can't seem to make any changes around here.

pourover by saturdays at your place 

I have a love/ hate relationship with coffee. Every morning I drink way too much, get anxious and have a bad time. But I just keep doing it again and again. At the same time, it’s about feeling like I am constantly letting all of my friends and family down, saying I’m gonna change, but never doing it. I never learn. 

Co-Star by Shoplifter

Co-Star is about wanting to kill yourself when you realize people trust an app about astrology more than they trust other people. Is that too dark? 

Dead Daddog 20/20 by Summerbruise 

This one is about the grief and guilt you might find yourself chewing on when the worst and best thing to ever happen to you exist on the same thread in whatever f*cked up web of life and destiny determines how things play out for you. Would you k*ll your dad for $40,000?

forever by saturdays at your place

Forever was written to address the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and regret I had being away from home and being in a difficult relationship. I wanted to explore how my earlier life experiences affect my brain and make their way back around into my day to day. I try to include references of traumatic arguments where I’ve completely lost myself, allowing relationships with people to last too long or fizzle out, and attempt to ask myself how long until I can change into the person I want to be.

everything you need by saturdays at your place, Summerbruise, and Shoplifter

We all have cats that we love very much. This one is for them. When we feel tired, sad and worthless, they are always there for us. We get them everything they need because they are everything we need. 

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