Cold Collective - "Bachelorette Party" (Album Review)

Post Tranist Tim Landers has had a couple musical projects. Off & On ventured off into different territory while Cold Collective might be a sound more comfortable for fans of Transit or Misser. The guitars are a little heavier and grungier than most things Landers has done up to this point. I really enjoy a lot of the guitar work throughout the album and a lot of the songs are mostly guitar driven. There are some nice heavy pounded drums throughout the album as well. The drums hit nice and hard on the single "Tred". Probably the biggest and brightest spot on the album is Landers' vocal performance on the album. This album has, by far, some of his finest vocal performances on any project I've heard.

"Bottleneck" is a catchy song and it has some nice chant-a-long-able moments. It screams 'single' to me. It's catchy and well balanced. For me, it's a good representation of the incorporation of the sounds of the album as a whole. "Platonic" reminds me, vocally and musically, a little of one of the more rockier songs I heard on The Gaslight Anthem's last album. "Adieu" has a slight Transit feel and it was an instant standout for me on first listen. It's heavy, but it has some nice, somber moments when the bass guitar shines through nicely.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this album. I was really waiting for Landers to launch a project where he was more upfront since he left Transit and Misser has been inactive. I think this project lived up to what I wanted. It's a fun alternative/rock album with some slight pop/rock edges here and there. If you've ever been a fan of what Landers brings to music then I think you're going to enjoy this album. It's solid and it's a really good debut album from Cold Collective.

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