Sudden Suspension - There's A Bigger Picture Here (EP Review)

I've been familiar with Sudden Suspension for a while. The band's previous EP, Basement Songs, showed marked improvement from the band's 2013 EP, Second Place. I was intrigued when I heard Bad Timing Records announced that they would be releasing the band's new EP. Bad Timing originally known for reissuing albums on vinyl has moved more towards signing some artists and creating a roster of new artists as much as they have been repressing classics. I think Sudden Suspension could be one of those flagship bands for the label. With the success they had with their pressings of Real Friends and Knuckle Puck I think Sudden Suspension could be a big deal for them and fit right in with what some of their fans have enjoyed about the label. I definitely have gone into this EP with expectations and hopes to hear songs that continued the improvements I had heard on Basement Songs.

Some of these new artists Bad Timing has been signing have been overall pretty good. I think Bonfires and Sudden Suspension were two I was familiar with and especially excited to see if the combination of Bad Timing plus new band could equal success. I will say Sudden Suspension has been the first of their "all new" artists that I actually decided to pre-order the record. The first single released just had a familiar sound but it's pretty well done in my opinion. Sudden Suspension wear their influences on their sleeve. Right up front you can tell this band is influenced by bands like The Wonder Years, Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, etc... The band even wrote a song on their Second Place EP as kind of a tribute to Real Friends and how much they enjoy them. Drawing from those influences has helped Sudden Suspension craft one of the more immediately likable EPs I've heard this year. The honest lyrical approach reminiscent of Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years combined with the pop/punk sound you hear from a band like Real Friends combines something familiar to the band that if you enjoy those bands it’s very immediately likeable. 

I think their lyrics stick out a little more than some of their peers. As a whole you're getting a bunch of fast paced pop/punk songs and an acoustic song. The flow is great.. The acoustic song "We'll Always Have Each Other" is done really nicely. It's one of my favorite songs on the EP. It's good lyrically and I enjoy the additional instrumentation and back up vocals in the song especially at the end. It adds a little energy to the song. "Cheap Seats" is another big standout. I really liked the vocal performance and the way the drums sound on this song.

If you were to criticize this album it might be because you think the band wears their influences a little too much on their sleeve as well as having a few lyrical inconsistencies. That's fair criticism. Honestly, though, it never bothers me that much when I'm listening to the EP. I enjoy the production, flow, and vibe of the EP. It's a pretty good summer pop/punk EP. I think this band has some potential as they move forward. I'm really interested to see where the evolution of this band takes them by the time they make it to a full length. In the meantime I'm enjoying this EP quite a bit. While it's not the most original thing I've heard this year, it's a solid release that I think the majority of pop/punk fans could really enjoy.

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