Home For Fall - Everything I Never Said (EP Review)

There's a long list of pop/punk bands who've gotten their name from other pop/punk bands (see Man Overboard, All Time Low, The Story So Far, etc..). Home For Fall's lead vocalist and guitarist, Taylor Liff, named the band after a Real Friends song and he posted a pretty interesting explanation about what that band was to him and how the name was an homage to music that helped him through some low points in his life. It definitely made me more than a little interested to hear the band's EP Everything I Never Said.

Everything I Never Said is a standout pop/punk gem early on in 2015. It's filled with classic sounding pop/punk riffs and vocals. The EP is super catchy and the songs just provide a ton of energy. The music is well done for this EP. It is pretty standard pop/punk, but for a debut release I think it's pretty solid. I like the production and mixing; it fits the EP really well and helps the band achieve a really nice sound.

The lyrics, in my opinion, are a good selling point for this EP. I think the lyrics capture a lot of interesting emotions and they are definitely a big part of the reason I like this EP. "Too Late" delivers some really earnest lyrics. It's easily one of the best songs on the EP. The EP closes in true pop/punk fashion with an acoustic song. It's also one of the strongest songs on the EP and it is insanely well written. At six minutes and forty-one seconds in length the song never overstays its welcome and just has this great heartfelt authenticity all the way through the song. It shows a great side of the band and I can see this song being a fan favorite on the EP. The EP is catchy, infectious, and the more I listen to it the more I find myself enjoying it.

Overall the debut EP from Home For Fall shows the band starting 2015 offering a pretty solid EP. This should suit you pretty well for your January 2015 pop/punk needs. I'm going to go ahead and say that this should be on your short list for must check out January releases. Check this one out; it is cool!

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