The Eeries - The Eeries (EP Review)

One look at and listen to rock band The Eeries has me thinking one word: Grunge. The band looks like they stepped through a Seattle portal in the mid-90s and ended up in 2014. It can either go over well or feel a little generic when bands pay some heavy homage to sounds of the past. I heard the single "Cool Kid" and was interested and impressed. It is a pretty good alternative rock song. I was more than a little interested to hear what all this band could do when the EP was released.

First off this band does that mid-90s alternative grunge influenced sound better than some I've heard try to replicate it over the past four or so years. "Love You To Pieces" has these great nineties Nirvana sounding vocals that echo in the way the words sound and the way they are sung. It's backed up by some really interesting musical parts. The whole EP is chocked full of those nice sounding mid-90s grunge rock riffs mixed with those mellow sounding verses that bands like Nirvana did so well. "Cool Kid" is poised to be a contender for one of the better alternative/rock songs released in 2014. It has a lot of energy and I think when you first hear it you get the feeling that the band just has their thumb on the sound they are going for. It's a pretty impressive single. It's super catchy, really well written, and rides the alternative rock meets pop fence really nicely. "Overrated" has huge single potential. The song is so catchy and is infectiously good. The lyrics are interesting and the music is some of the best on the entire EP.

The Eeries debut EP pays homage to the great 90s alternative grunge sound while still feeling fresh and inspired enough to keep me more than a little interested while listening to this. The band came out strong with a really solid batch of rock songs. I wouldn't be surprised if by mid-late 2015 that these guys have a big well received alternative rock album that has found a big fan base. While it's not the most original sounding EP The Eeries self-titled EP brings the rock in a really good way. I'd recommend it for fans of 90s grunge and alternative rock or modern day bands that rock like Cage The Elephant or Wavves. This is a pretty solid EP and a good listen.

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