Sound In The Signals - Issue Of The Month (May 2014)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue of the current month from any current running comic series to highlight. This month I decided to pick MPH #1 which is a new Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Superior, Jupiter's Legacy, etc.) series.

I've enjoyed pretty much every Mark Millar series. So I was excited when MPH finally hit shelves. This is a great start for the series and for people who are bummed out that Kick Ass is coming to an end should be able to find this series really exciting. It deals with some similar issues. Instead of regular people dressing like heroes this looks like it's going to be regular people getting super speed powers from a street drug called MPH. I like the super speed element of the storyline. The characters seem interesting and the storyline itself looks like it has some really cool potential. It's tough to tackle the super speed power in comic form, but this issue does a neat job with it. This series is one of the Millar series that supposedly will launch a Millarworld Universe bringing together some of the Millar comics.

This had a ton of variant covers. I picked up the Roscoe cover which I think I like the most of all the covers. Along with Roscoe three other characters get solo covers which all go together to make a landscape picture. There is also a standard cover and a couple other covers. I thought the solo covers looked the best. It's more of the classic Mark Millar series cover look that features the large black title box at the top of the cover. I also really like the blur of colors from the solo character covers that creates that super speed look. It's really well done.

Overall this is really promising. Once again Millar starts another new series that looks like it's going to be pretty impressive. The artwork and writing are top notch. Check it out!

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