Talking Music: Any Album/Any Era/Any Genre (March 2014)

It's time again for the monthly weekend feature where I pick albums from any era or genre and briefly discuss why I think they are awesome. Check out the albums I picked to talk about this month after the jump!

Arrange - Plantation
Released In 2011

This album blends lush electronic elements, indie rock, emotional lyrics, etc... in a way that is standout. This is a fantastic album. Arrange (Malcom Lacey) releases have all been pretty impressive. I really like pretty much everything about this album. The music and vocals are fantastic. I really like the way Lacey uses his voice as more of an instrument weaving in and out of the backdrops of these really moody, brooding, and vibrant songs. This album is at the top of the pile.

Give Up The Ghost - We're Down 'Til We're Underground
Released In 2003

This band is one of the top of the bands when it comes to hardcore/punk. This album sounds fantastic. After having to ditch the American Nightmare name the band delivered a album so solid it was sad to see them go (this was the band’s last album). "Love American" is one of my favorite hardcore/punk songs. Every time I hear the intro to that song it gets stuck in my head for days.

Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Released In 1986

This is hands down to me one of the cooler electronic-industrial/post/industrial albums you'll ever hear. This band and this album in particular are influential to so many current bands. You can hear the influence of this album on early Nine Inch Nails records (another huge favorite of mine). The artwork is neat, the title is awesome, the songs are Skinny Puppy in top form. What more could you ask for?

True Things - Distractions EP
Released In 2011

I'm mainly focusing on albums for this feature, but the occasional EP will slip in. This is such an instance! True Things has been described pretty much everywhere as sounding like: Saves the Day (Can't Slow Down era), Man Overboard, and New Found Glory. That's a fair description of the sound. I can hear little hints of all those bands in the songs that make up Distractions. This EP is five songs long and it captures such a great vibe and sound. If you are a fan of any of the mentioned bands it has those pop/punk/emo characteristics that will instantly appeal to you. It's not super polished, but it sounds pretty good overall. This is an awesome EP. It’s another case of a band breaking up before they got the amount of exposure and admiration they deserved.

The Huntingtons - High School Rock
Released In 1998

This band is really underrated. If the Ramones had a little brother this band would easily be that brother. High School Rock is an awesome album. It's quick, fun, poppy punky music. I really like this album from start to finish. The vocals are really well done and the guitar sounds really good. It's a nice slice of classic Tooth And Nail Records.

All Time Low - Nothing Personal
Released In 2009

All Time Low has that love and hate relationship with most people. Either you like them or you don't. I tend to be on the side of liking them. Nothing Personal may be my favorite album of theirs. It's slick pop/punk that leans a little more towards the pop, but I think that's part of the charm of the album. This album is, in my opinion, a pretty fun summer album.

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