Highlighting Artists (July 2014)

It's time for the seventh installment of one of our newer features. This feature basically highlights bands/artists that I think are worth checking out. They may have significant buzz or they might not be on many people's radars just yet. Check out all of the July picks after the jump.

Housing - Sundress

Housing mix elements of alternative rock, indie rock, and emo to create a really great sound. "Sundress" is a song that is definitely worth checking out!

High Seas - Storm Season

High Seas new EP Storm Season is a pretty well done pop/punk release. The band really come out strong on this EP and it is five tracks of good fun music. Great EP for this time of the year.

Real Talk - Where You're Meant To Be 

This is a really cool pop/punk tune. This song is from the band's upcoming EP due out in July. After a few listens of this song I'm really excited about the EP. It should be a good one.

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