Mike Hranica - Home For Grave (Book)

Mike Hranica (the vocalist for The Devil Wears Prada) new book can now be purchased on Amazon. You can purchase it: HERE. Check out a description of the book after the jump.

The story behind the song, Home For Grave tells the tale of Ian Mitchells: a normal man from an ordinary town. Eager to complete his homework as a boy and caring as a young gentleman, Ian is the product of logic and responsibility. However, while his intentions are true and his actions are harmless, the line drawn between Ian's birth and death is strewn with painful loss and perilous mediocrity: a combination often unnoticed within the somewhat neverending process of life and humanity. Through the stages of youth, love, and death, Mike Hranica lends poetic description to the tragedy of routine within the empty existence of the normal man.

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