Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik Returns (MIXTAPE REVIEW)

If Yelawolf is anything, he is consistent. Don't be fooled by the mixtape artwork featuring a somewhat different looking Yelawolf. Trunk Muzik Returns is a slice of the same style from Yelawolf. Every release has his patent rapid fire rhyming. Beat choice is essential for his releases. On this mixtape he has picked a slew of fairly decent beats to rhyme over. Some beats feel a little too similar to previous releases. That coupled with an appearance from current it rapper A$AP Rocky and old school legend Raekwon helps this release move along at a smooth enough pace and deliver about what you've come to expect from a Yelawolf release. Although the mixtape features an appearance from Paul Wall, he tends to bog down the release. The once famous grilled rapper doesn't have much appeal or sparkle left to really entertain anyone on his verse. It's crazy to think Paul Wall once wowed people with guest verses on a Kanye West song.

All in all it's hard to complain about consistency. It can be a great thing. When it's done in an exciting way it works so well. "F.A.S.T. Ride" one of the better tracks on the mixtape has Yelawolf hitting on all cylinders. The beat,  his rhyming, and the lyrics are about as good as anything I've heard from Yelawolf. Even at his best the whole mixtape has a deja vu feeling to it.

Trunk Muzik Returns is better than Radioactive in a lot of ways. It also doesn't feel as fresh as the original Trunk Muzik. Yelawolf continues to prove he can rhyme and create decent music. However, at the end of listening to the release I was left wondering what's next. Will it be more of the same? Or will Yelawolf show he has some tricks left in his hat on future releases? He's definitely venturing into safe territory and should ask artists like Paul Wall and 50 Cent what happens when you venture into safe territory.

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