Broken Heart Records - Label Review

In this label review I review the two Socratic albums as well as the Abel album Broken Heart Records has pressed on vinyl. Click READ MORE to check out the review!

Broken Heart Records owner Larry Parish was interviewed in one of last years issues of Sound In The Signals Magazine and from our conversation it’s clear he has a knack for running a label. His label is easily becoming one of the go to labels for quality vinyl releases. Larry was kind enough to send over pressings of Socratic – Lunch For The Sky, Socratic – Socratic, and Abel – Make It Right. I’ve decided to arc the review as one big review and kind of an overview of what I think about the label. One thing that is easy to notice about Broken Heart is the quality and attention to detail that is put into their releases. The inserts are well done, the vinyl is thick, and the jackets are all nicely done and well fitted for their vinyl releases. Every record came with an insert. Price wise Broken Heart Records has fair pricing with their releases selling at around $13.99-14.99.

First, I’d like to talk about the Socratic pressings. Both were released around the same time and were the pressings that put Broken Heart Records on people’s radar. Lunch For The Sky, Socratic’s Drive-Thru debut album, stood out as a big notable vinyl release last year. I received the black variant and overall it turned out really great. The vinyl is thick (possibly 140 gram). The insert is double sided and nicely done. The insert for Lunch For The Sky is thick and durable (the most durable of the three inserts found inside these three releases). The center label is nicely done as well. This is the album of the three I would have liked to have seen with a gatefold sleeve. That might be the only drawback to me, but that really is only a matter of opinion. However, the single sleeve is done really well and in all honesty it works out just as good.

Socratic’s self-titled album turned out really nicely. I received the yellow version of the album. The vinyl is transparent. To me the yellow reminds me slightly of a transparent sherbet orange. The yellow variant works really nicely with the center labels and fits some of colors found in the cover art really nicely. The insert is a color photo from the artwork on one side and features the lyrics on the other. This is the latest Socratic album. With how it sounds and the fact it is one of Socratic’s strongest albums to date it is nice that I won’t have to wait as long as I did for Lunch For The Sky to be pressed on vinyl. I would honestly recommend getting both Socratic albums at the same time because it is nice to hear the classic material and what their current material sounds like.

Abel’s Make It Right is the newest release from Broken Heart Records and continues the trend found in the Socratic albums of good quality. A nice glossy insert is included. Double sided it contains a black and white image from the artwork on one side and the lyrics on the other. I received the split black/blue variant. I can honestly say from looking at the pictures of the other variants and seeing this one up close, even though it is not the most limited variant, I think this is my favorite of the three. The blue is transparent and creates an interesting effect that you can see through one half of the record. The jacket is nicely fitted for the vinyl release. This album also comes with a download code to receive a digital copy of the album. All three variants of the Abel album are priced at $13.99. At that price with the free download code it really is well worth the money.

For the price and the quality you can’t go wrong ordering from this label. The attention to detail and overall sound make the label a rising star in the vinyl world. I would recommend their releases and look forward to future releases. I can’t help but compare the label to Broken Circles somewhat (another favorite of mine). Both labels press current and classic material and they both have a DIY feel and spirit you can’t help but support.

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