Space Ghost - Sound In The Signals Interview

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Pyramid Dreams came out not too long ago and it features some of the best instrumental pieces I’ve heard this year. I was wondering what your inspiration for Pyramid Dreams and what kind of vibe you wanted to bring to people with the project?

I had just been listening to a lot of beats and various music. I had all summer off, and decided it was time to try and make something more full length. But hopefully I left people with something good to listen to.

“Broken Beak” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has a great feel to it. Where was your head at while you were recording the track?

Broken Beak was a song I started writing for someone on the guitar, and I never got around to finishing it. So I later decided to sample the guitar I had recorded as a base for the song, and with nostalgic thoughts, I sat down to finish what I'd started.

You had a big year this year with The Fader doing a piece on you and releasing the Wallflower EP and Pyramid Dreams. What do you think it is about your music that has people interested (meaning what do you think you do that sets you apart from other artists in the genre)?

I would say I create somewhat accessible experimental music, and it's a different sound from what people are used to. So maybe they like it for that reason?

The Fader described your style as: “a crossroads between LA’s weeded-out sub-bass scene and Boards of Canada’s carefully composed sterile warmth, colliding in the brain of a dude in Oakland.” Do you think that’s a fair description of your sound?

I think that is a fairly flattering description of my sound, but don't think I've reached that point yet. I'm still just experimenting around with my beats, and I never feel as though I can put a 'sound' on my music as a whole.

What type of equipment do you like to use when making your music?

I basically use my laptop, with the occasional use of my midi keyboard. I think I used my midi keyboard when making Pyramid Dreams more than usual. Lately I've just been carrying my computer everywhere and making stuff while at school or work. Just being lazy with it.

Pyramid Dreams was a free release through Bandcamp. So many artists these days are using tools like Bandcamp to eliminate the need for a label or release quality free music. What are your thoughts on Bandcamp? And also why did you decide to release the album for free?

I thought Bandcamp was alright until it started cutting down how many free downloads I was "allowed" to give away. But it is nice to have a site where people can stream my music, and download it. I gave the album away free because no one is going to buy an album from some random guy, so why jeopardize having people listening to my music by putting a price on it.

At this point your releases have been mainly instrumental. Do you ever think you’d like to incorporate any type of vocals into your music?

I don't particularly like making vocals or hearing myself sing. I more so enjoy listening and creating instrumentals more than any other types of music. Although I am open to trying different sounds, so if the idea came up later on in my musical career I may try using vocals.

What do you have coming up for 2011?

I'm not quite sure at the moment. I've mostly just been making random songs everyday or when I have time and when I get enough I'll probably put out another free album. Hopefully if all goes well I'll have Pyramid Dreams put on around 80 tapes for sell as well as making some t-shirts to sell. I've also been planning on putting out a small split EP with my friend Callum Hendry aka Imhotep (myspace.com/imhotepmusic). Nothing's set in stone, but those are my rough plans as of now.

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