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You are from Chicago, which played a big part in what's happening in almost the “new” hip-hop movement of the last few years. What do you think of the current state of music in Chicago?
The current state of music in Chicago…well I'd say right now we're not doing too bad. Kanye just dropped his album which everyone here loves, Lupe's album is coming in March, which I'm personally excited about. We're winning a little bit. On the local tip too though, we still got people who can actually spit. Like YP and all of his guys, he was really one of the first artists from Chicago that let me know we still had rappers who were actually cold. And then low key, there's me and my guys too. Not to sound cocky, but we can spit. I feel like when people hear me, or like my mans R.O. from the group Major League Pitching, or Chano from Instrumentality, or my guy A.O.N., or my groupmate Name Brand, they'll like it. So right now I'm loving Chicago hip-hop.
What's it like being an up and comer in a place known for hip hop like Chicago?
It's a little tough. There's a lot of haters here, it's kinda sad. Other than that though it's pretty much fun as hell. A lot of people say it's like impossible to make it rapping purely from Chicago. I don't think that's true, but if it is I'm gonna find out the hard way. I don't know, I guess I embrace the challenge. I have a lot of civic pride, it gets in the way sometimes. It's kinda funny though, like since everyone here's a "rapper" people kind of give you the "oh, you too" when they ask what you do. But then once you actually rap well they try to play it off.
You just released a new video for “Time Never Stops” which features Warith Hajj. What was the video shoot like and what made you guys decide to choose the classic black and white style for the video?
The shoot was great. It was a bit last minute so I pretty much told people to come out for it the day of. Fortunately I had my block with me and my guys were able to come through. But for the video we kept it pretty simple. The theme of the video was my hood really, since this is who I do it for, my guys and my hood. Black and white was a stylistic choice by our excellent director Mike Brahv.
Mike Brahv directed the new video. Why did you decide to go with him for the video?
Because he has overwhelming swagger. That and I had been a fan of his work for years! And the fact that we'd been supposed to do this video for about a year. We finally just got around to it when we did, and I'm happy because I've had extra time to progress as an artist. He's a great and patient director, I'd advise any artist to hit him up. But please check it out though! For both of our sakes, just hit up youtube.com/monstermike48. I promise you'll love it.
You have a few freestyles around and you are building up some buzz. When will we hear a mixtape/album/EP/etc from you?
I like that assessment. But as far as new music, I'm currently recording my solo EP titled "No Excuses". It'll be about 5-6 songs, and I want to make sure that's out on January 30th, which is also my birthday. That's just the kinda guy I am! After I get that out and promoted I plan to start on my second mixtape. If that goes well, from there I'd start working on my first album. It's nice though because I have a personal studio. Nothing's in the way of me getting music out anymore. Well, once I learn how to master songs that is.
You list Lil B as one of your influences and I noticed you reviewed his show on youtube and re-tweet him on twitter. What is it about Lil B that you like so much?
I think Lil B is the realest artist out. He doesn't put on a front for anyone. He's obviously a bit out there with his music, but when you understand where he's coming from, and why he's doing it, it's admirable to say the least. He's also one of the most positive rappers in recent memory, when you hear his real music. And also, like I just said he's very real. Like the video you're talking about, the concert review, he shared it on his twitter. I was asleep at the time, and I remember my best friend telling me how confused he was seeing our names from Lil B's twitter page. But he helps out basically. He cares about his fans. And being based has inspired me to do what I'm doing now.
You had the chance to freestyle at Lil B's concert in Chicago what was that experience like?
Being able to rap at BasedGod's concert was a dream come true. I feel like once I make it, someone's gonna ask me when did I know that I was going to do this, and this is the moment I'm gonna describe. It was cool to get the chance to, which I have to thank Hustle Simmons for. But it was a good experience overall, of everyone who rapped there I went the longest by far, which is always good. And the footage of it has helped me spread my name, especially in the based community. Other than that it let people know that I actually do this rap thing for real.
I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you'd like to make?
I'm from the 8. Haha, nah but thanks to everyone who's helped out so far. I'm only getting started. And then shoutouts to my team cuz we out here. swag

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