Wavves - King Of The Beach (Album Review)

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First off, this year one of my most anticipated releases was Wavves King Of The Beach. Let me start this review by saying I one hundred percent could not even attempt to listen to the jumbled mess on prior Wavves albums. I would see live videos of songs and prefer those to the self-recorded, ultra fuzzed out, and ultra noisy prior Wavves albums. In fact, as much as this album reminds me of the nineties, those prior albums remind me of a band sitting up in a garage and pushing play on a handheld recorder in the 80s. If that is your cup of tea, those albums were for you. I on the other hand listened to the live shows and awaited something more suitable to my ears. Suffice to say when I heard Wavves new album King Of The Beach would feature a cleaner sound I was interested and instantly placed it on my most anticipated list.

Every year there always seems to be one artist I think has the potential to make that one album that kind of sticks out. Over the last few years, I have enjoyed The Cool Kids and Vampire Weekend and seen those bands grow in size and popularity. When I first heard those two acts I instantly knew those albums were going to be standout albums of my year (despite the fact The Cool Kids Bake Sale had been around a while before it was officially released). I get the same feeling when I listen to King Of The Beach. Wavves new album is a similar testament to beach rock and punk as prior Wavves releases were even though they cleaned up the production the band have not cleaned up their sound entirely. This album has a lot of sounds similar to the grunge era or alternative era of rock found in the early to mid nineties.

I think this album will also be the start in a lot of “lo-fi” acts heading toward a more clean sound. Best Coast’s new album also features a cleaned up sound. This could be good for branching out and maintaining longevity instead of just being a hipster’s short-lived pleasure on a warm beach day.

The music is vastly improved on this album. Front man Nathan Williamson, along with his new rhythm section who was late Jay Reatard’s rhythm section, has tightened their focus. Williamson’s vocals have also vastly improved. Lyrically the album displays the desire to have fun, party and get into mischief, but at the same time, there are introspective moments where Williamson seems to be searching for someone to realize that the party may be going but it is not great all the time.

King Of The Beach proves that the sound of the nineties may be back around for a second spin, but with a new take on the idea entirely. The album is not a Nirvana tribute album by any means. It has a fresh fusion of sounds and carries influences like early Green Day as well as early Blink 182 into the picture.

Some will write this album off as a hipster trying to imitate the past. Some will say it is fresh and new. Some will never listen to it because of the negative way Wavves is looked at amongst some music circles. Those who do listen to this album will possibly find just what they needed for the summer. This album lived up to and surpassed my expectations. It is a risk taker for the band and I am betting it is going to pay off for them. This will be high on my top ten list this year.

Standout Tracks:

“Green Eyes”
“Post Acid”
“Linus Spacehead”
“Convertible Balloon”

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