Kerosene Heights - ‘Southeast of Somewhere’ Track By Track

Kerosene Heights recently released new album ‘Southeast of Somewhere’ via no Sleep Records. We’re excited to share their exclusive track by track for it below.

1. Salty Eyes

Chance: I wrote “Salty Eyes” with the intention of it being an intro. I wanted it to feel like a car crash. I wrote it at a time when me and my partner couldn’t seem to understand each other or agree on anything. The song is about the inability to communicate with someone that you care about, and I think it’s something that a lot of us are trying to figure out. communication (or lack of) is a reoccurring theme on the album.

2. Same Shade of Red

Chance: Same Shade of Red is kind of thematically all over the place. I moved to Asheville the day the lockdown started from a treatment facility and my life completely changed from that point. My life prior sort of felt like a bad dream (hence the first line) This song is really just me reflecting on a lot of my life prior to sobriety.

3. Last Time

Chance: This song went through a lot of changes before it became what it is today. In 2020 alone, I lost 5 friends to drug addiction, so the subject was super important to me and I wanted to make sure this song made it on the album in a way that fit and made sense. It’s sort of a sequel to “pillcrusher” dealing more in the survivors guilt of losing friends.

Justin: This song almost didn’t make the album, but after reworking the intro it became a personal favorite immediately.

4. Otis

Chance: Otis is a song about missing your pets while you’re on the road. It’s named after Justin’s dog, but we all have pets that we miss dearly when we have to leave.

5. Growing Up

Chance: Growing Up is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, lyrically speaking. It’s a love song to my partner, but I feel like it speaks to a lot of things that a lot of people feel. It’s super cheesy but I’ve always been afraid of growing up until I found somebody I wanted to grow up with.

6. Kathryn

Chance: I’m very grateful for the relationship I’m in currently. “Kathryn” is basically my ode to them for playing such a big part in who I am today and growing with me and supporting me.

7. Mission Valley Shopping Center

Chance: Mission Valley Shopping Center is about the burnout that comes with living in America. I remember feeling very hopeless about the state of everything going on when I wrote this, personally and outside of my own life.

8. Perfect Timing

Justin: Lyrically the chorus of this song is about forcing things that aren’t working. Sometimes we get so caught up in desired outcomes we push things far past a breaking point. This song is also cool because Chance and I wrote two songs that somehow just fit together. 

9. Going Away For A While

Chance: Going Away for A While feels like the origin story of the album and this band. It’s about getting sober and change. This song makes me cry often. A lot of it comes from conversations and things that happened the night I went to rehab.

10. In Suspension 

Chance: In Suspension is about continuing to grow and experience things into adulthood. I’d say the take away from this song is that it’s never too late to start something and trying not to let external things keep you from being happy as hard as that can be. The opening line is about how stale and shitty adulthood and just life in general can be and wanting to escape it.

11. Next to Nothing 

Chance: Next to Nothing kind of circles back to Salty Eyes thematically, but through a new lens. Coming to terms with your own flaws. It’s not as combative and kind of has a celebratory feel. It’s meant to be a celebration of growth and change and imperfection and making it through the shitty parts.

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