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I recently had the opportunity to interview Please Think I’m Cool. We discussed new song “One Time I Saw Some Frat Boys Fight at WAWA”, favorite moments from the song, songwriting, collaborating with Sleepy Clown Records, when to expect new music, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview. 

Of course! Thrilled y’all are having me on! 

Can you tell me how you formed the band for those who may be unfamiliar with it? How did you initially become interested in music? 

Well I've been a musician since elementary school when I started to learn the drums, but music really took hold when I started teaching myself guitar in high school. This was around the time I was first getting into bands like Modern Baseball and Mom Jeans so I really wanted to replicate that. So, I got whatever friends I could convince to start a band with me. I've been in a handful of bands since then (I Hate Homecoming / Knuckle Deep and more recently Haunt Dog.)  

PTIC started as a kind of side solo project as Hoco and KD were more collaborative. I was home from college at the time and really wanted to write but didn’t wana just write without the band. It was around that time that I wrote the first PTIC song. 

You released your new song “One Time I Saw Some Frat Boys Fight at WAWA”. Can you tell me about writing and recording the song? 

I wrote WAWA actually for a songwriting class I was taking. I was initially just going to write it in the style of the EP, but I realized that I really liked the song so when we were tracking live drums, I decided I wanted to include it. The song is about how on St. Patrick’s Day last year I was going to WAWA with my roommate Rachel and as the title suggests I saw some frat guys yelling outside the WAWA. One of them was cornering the other and he was just screaming at the other guy because he was really drunk and “acting a fool.” The level of aggression of the guy yelling at his friend was sort of inspiration and was what inspired me to sort of twist this scenario of some blockhead chastising his friend for being a jackass into the song which is much more of a whole ego power trip type deal.  

Do you have a favorite lyrical or musical moment from it? Why?  

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the lyrics from the bridge as they sort of illustrate this sort of reveal of his true intentions before the end were everything comes to a point. I also really like how the harmonies are a little out of tune and kinda sound like a train coming at you. 

What’s your favorite part of writing songs? What’s the most challenging aspect of writing?  

My favorite part of writing songs is finishing them. I just love the feeling of like listening to something and being like “wow I made this; this is awesome.” The hard part is being inspired when it's convenient. Say for example I have a whole day free all to myself to do nothing, I’m 100% gonna spend the whole time watching King Of The Hill in the living room. However, when it’s finals week, you can bet I’m going to spend the whole time writing a 100 second EP made up of four 25 second songs. 

Have you been working on more music? Do you have any plans for an EP or album? 

Actually there's another single that’s coming out February 25 called “Social Vampire” and I'm super excited about that one. After that there's goanna be an EP coming out with the two singles on it. As for far in the future, I've been writing more songs but nothing concrete, just a handful of demos.  

You’re working with Sleepy Clown for your upcoming music. How did you end up working with them? 

I've been aware of Tommy’s presence in the DIY scene for a very long time, all the way back since 2020. When I finished EP figured I would reach out and see if he would be willing to support the release.  He said yes and ever since then Tommy has been an absolutely wonderful friend and supporter. 

Can we expect any cassettes or vinyl releases anytime soon? How important is having physical media to the band?  

Yes, you can. Physical media has always been something I have been pas 
about when it comes to music. You can expect an announcement with sleepy clown somewhere down the line. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add? 

I just really appreciate y'all taking the time the time to ask about my music, and to look out for the next single when it comes out! 

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