Sound In The Signals - Best Standalone Singles of 2022

Sound In The Signals is excited to share our standalone singles of 2022. To be considered for this list the song had to be released between January 1st - December 26, 2022. Also it has to have not been officially announced for an album or EP as of this time even if it can be presumed to appear on an upcoming release. For the sake of brevity, it’s only one song per artist. Check out the list below and be sure to tell us what you’ve been listening to this year. (The songs are in no particular order.)

blink-182 - “Edging”

Private Mind - “Strangers”

Overthinker - “Late Again”

Jxdn - “Sober”

Ben Quad - “You’re Part Of It”

Fox Teeth - “Two Emos (And Some Checkered Vans)”

5ever - “Anything More”

Phem - “Watery”

Sad Snack - “Kenny G Hotline”

Ogbert The Nerd - “A New Kind Of Borkulator”

The Kid Laroi - “Thousand Miles”

Sk8 - “Lover Boi”

Graduating Life - “Brainwashed”

Kennyhoopla - “Dirty White Vans”

Nicholas Jamerson - “Lexington”

Mod Sun - “Rich Kids Ruin Everything”

Chad Tepper - “Don’t Wanna Die”

44Blonde - “Should’ve Stayed Home”

Huddy - “All The Things I Hate About You”

Real Friends - “Always Lose”

House Parties - “Hindsight (Acoustic)”

Detention - “Faded, Not Jaded”

Cleveland Avenue - “Lucy”

In A Daydream - “I Was A Victim Of A Series Of Accidents”

Max Bennett Kelly - “Birthday”

Sleep Outside - “This Won’t Ever Last”

Stomach Book - “Anarchy!!!”

Good Grief - “July”

Scarlet Street - “Dealy Plaza”

Savings - “I Found A Date For The Holidays (maybe)”

Innerlove. - “The Wringer”

la croix can recycling center - “Trash Mammal”

Botch - “One Twenty Two”

WSTR - “Bot Lobby”

Stand And Wave - “Troubleshooting”

Knuckle Puck - “Groundhog Day”

Penny Bored - “Cherry Chapstick”

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