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I recently had the opportunity to interview Charlie Iwuc of Last Letters ahead of the release of his new cover of blink-182’s “Waggy”, which is out today. We discussed why he chose to cover “Waggy”, his favorite blink album and songs, how 2021 was the band’s biggest year, merch, plans for upcoming music, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Thanks for reaching out. Always love chatting with you guys.

You’re releasing your cover of blink-182’s “Waggy” today. Can you tell me more about why you picked that song to cover?

“Waggy” has been one of my favorites off Dude Ranch since forever ago. The entire album is fantastic and nostalgic for me, but I really wanted to pick a track that no one seems to mention or revisit. They’re all super good, and I almost went with ‘Enthused’ or ‘Emo’, but ‘Waggy’ just felt right. I don’t do a ton of covers, but I figured I’d start the year off with a classic pop/punk throwback.

Do you have a favorite blink album and/or could you tell us your top 5 favorite blink songs?

I feel like most super fans would say ‘Untitled’ but for me, it’s TOYPAJ. It just has the most crystal clear mix, the songwriting is top tier blink, and the 6 bonus songs made it one hell of a release. My dad drove me to the cd store (Newbury Comics) the day it came out. I remember also buying Sugar Ray’s self-titled album that day too haha! I loved collecting the three different versions on cd: the jacket, the pants, and the plane. I also have to mention the bass and guitar tones; they still hold up and sound better than most pop/punk tones today. Jerry Finn did wonders for blink.

Alright, here’s a stab at a blink top 5 (in no specific order):

Wasting Time


Man Overboard


Give Me One Good Reason

Wait, I need to add a sixth!

         Pretty Little Girl

We picked “I Love You, Amy Smart” as the number 1 standalone single of 2021. I thought you shared such solid releases all year. Do you feel like 2021 was one of the biggest years for Last Letters so far?

Hands down the biggest year and super thankful for it, and I was so pumped to see that you chose my song. That was insane! I received so many messages last year from new listeners that love that classic pop/punk sound and expressed their excitement for my next releases. That’s what really got me through the year, and gave me motivation to keep cranking out single after single. There’s been this super supportive community online of fans, bands, and blogs sharing my music and I’m extremely thankful for them. Seriously the nicest people.  

Did anything surprise you in 2021? Were you pleased with how people reacted to all of your new music?

Insanely surprised and super grateful. I’ve been putting out music under Last Letters for almost five years, just expecting friends and family to check it out. That’s kind of all it was for the first few years. Then I decided to put it in the right hands: bloggers, subreddits, facebook groups, etc. and start building a fanbase in a new way. I figured if kids who continue to listen to pop/punk and love bands like The Story So Far or State Champs or KennyHoopla, there’s a decent chance they’d dig the pop/punk I write and self-release.

You recently previewed a bunch of new shirts on your Instagram. It looks like one of those is available now. When will the others be available and do you have a favorite of the three?

I’ll have those up before the end of the month! I actually just got those three designs printed on sticker sheets and they look killer. My plan is to mail them out to the people that helped me out last year (in terms of sharing my music and/or worked on them) and also to the new fans that want them, just as a tiny thank you for the support.

Is there any chance that you’re working towards an album or EP for 2022? Can you tell us more about what plans you do have for 2022?

I’m shooting for a 3-song release early this year. They’re not finished yet, but they’re demoed out. Now I’m reworking a few things and hopefully sending them off to get mixed by late January. Beyond pumped for everyone to hear these. They’re definitely a blend of ILYAS, Insanity, and She’s a Dove; new and old school pop/punk. The goal is to have these be the catchiest songs to date. I’m excited.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Always thankful for the support you guys have shown me. Means everything! I hope everyone loves the ‘Waggy’ cover and throws it onto their playlists. Thanks for listening. -Charlie

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