Sound In The Signals - Essential Songs For Spring

For this Spring, we decided to compile a list of essential songs to start the season with featuring bands and artists who have released music this year that we feel are essential listening as we head into Spring. Check out the list below and be sure to let us know what you’re listening to currently below or on our social media accounts! 

House Parties - “Hindsight”

Ricky Himself - “I Know You Like Blag Flag”

Mod Sun - “Internet Killed The Rockstar”

Goody Grace - “Not Coming Home”

AG Club - “Youtube2MP3”

Camp Trash - “Bobby”

Snacking - “Blacked Out On A Train”

Crooked Teeth - “Light Me Up”

Last Letters - “I Love You, Amy Smart”

Hospital Bracelet - “South Loop Summer”

nothing, nowhere.. - “Upside Down”

LILHUDDY - “The Eulogy Of You And Me”

Pale Waves - “Run To”

Brooklane - “Growing Older”

Wstr - “All The Rage”

Another Michael - “I Know You’re Wrong”

Arms Length - “Garamond”

Paris Texas - “Heavy Metal”

Stars Hollow - “With Weight.”

Regrown - “Cuffed”

Real Talk - “Burnt Orange”

Home Is Where - “The Old Country”

First And Forever - “Let This Love Lie Dead”

Keeper - “Frog”

Mascots - “Twenty Two”

Keep Off The Grass - “14th and Jasmine” (Acoustic Version)

This Wild Life - “You Swore Your Love Would Burn”

High Score - “Better Luck Next Time”

Horror Section - “Can’t Stop The Party”

Waxflower - “Food For Your Garden” 

Ruthcrest - “If You Were Here”

New Heroes - “High Horse”

Cole Chaney - “Ill Will Creek”

Dad Bod - “4/9”

SSGKobe - “Calabasas” ft. $NOT 

Happydaze - “Bad Taste”

The Maine - “Sticky” 

Bruiser - “Nosebleeds”

Weatherstate - “Hangar”

American Thrills - “Discount Casket”

Sincere Engineer - “Tourniquet”

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