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I recently had the opportunity to interview Jacques LaMore of the Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast. We discussed his introduction to and passion for pop punk, his five most essential pop punk albums, some of his favorite episodes of the podcast, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.


Thanks so much for asking! I’m truly honored. I think what you’re doing with Sound In The Signals is great! I was browsing through your website and found lots of quality content. 


Can you tell us how you became interested in podcasts and what inspired you to create your own?

In July of 2014, I started attending the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, which is now called, Illinois Media School. I enrolled with the dream of becoming a radio host. In order to do that though, I knew I needed to have some kind of experience in front of a mic before trying to land a job on the radio. So I thought, why not podcasting? My first podcast launched in September of that same year. However, Pop-Punk & Pizza was not created until two years later in 2016.  


How did you initially get into pop/punk? What about the genre, to you, makes it important for you to make a podcast about it?


My oldest brother, Josh, is the one who introduced me to pop punk, along with ska, and other genres. I was between eight and ten years old. This would have been 1998-2000. So it started with bands like Green Day, Blink-182, and The Offspring. Then, he introduced me to MxPx, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Bouncing Souls, Anti-Flag and several others. I’ve been hooked on the genre ever since. My brother Josh was also in a pop punk band. That inspired me to start my own band at age thirteen. I played in that same band until I was twenty-five. I started the podcast about the genre because it’s my passion. Sure, I listen to other styles of music, but pop punk is my heart and soul. I was taught that if you’re going to have a podcast, it should be about a subject you are most passionate about. 

What are the top 5 pop/punk albums that mean the most to you?


My gosh, that’s a hard question! It’s difficult to pick just five. I guess if I had to pick, I’d probably have to select the albums that kindled my passion for pop punk early on. So albums like, “Dookie”, by Green Day. “The Ever Passing Moment”, by MxPx. “Americana”, by The Offspring. “Enema of The State”, by Blink-182. “Stomping Ground”, by Goldfinger. 


One thing I like about your podcast is that you have some classic artists on the podcast, but you also heavily focus on newer artists. What are some of your favorite newer pop/punk bands and why?


Thank you! I think it’s important to support talented artists that are trying to build a fanbase. There are quite a few newer bands in the scene that I thoroughly enjoy. Til’ Morning, The Fallaways, World War Me, FRND CRCL, Goalkeeper, Weigh The Anchor, Cleveland Avenue, Give Me A Reason, and so many others. All the bands I just listed you can find on Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast in one form or another. That doesn’t even count all the newer ska punk bands I discovered this year. As far as why? I think if people give those bands a listen, they will understand why. 

Is there a band or guest that you haven’t had on the show that you’d like to have on and why?


Yes, several! There are still some people that I know from the music scene I played in growing up that I would like to talk to. I need to make that happen because it’s always great catching up with old music friends on the podcast. As far as musicians that are more well known, I’d love to have John Feldmann of Goldfinger on the podcast. Mike Herrera of MxPx would be another. Ryan Key of Yellowcard. Any of the Green Day members. The reason I bring up their names is because they are musical heroes of mine. They are the reason I love pop punk so much. It would be an honor to talk with them. 


Podcast conversations can go in interesting directions depending on the ease of conversation and depth of questions. Have you ever had any conversations where the direction the conversation went in really surprised you?


Yes! I would say many times. The truth is, you never know exactly how a person is going to react to certain questions or how they are feeling on a certain day. The majority of the time, I’m having conversations with people I don’t know. So, when I’m first starting a conversation, I try to ease into it with an ice breaker question or topic if I can. It all depends. I’ve had some extremely in depth conversations on the podcast where my guest has gotten very personal. I’m always grateful to guests who trust me and feel comfortable enough with me to do that. 

What are a couple of your favorite episodes that you’ve created? Which ones would you recommend people to check out?


Once again, It’s super hard to choose! #109 with Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic was a lot of fun. In quite a few of the earlier episodes of the podcast, there are acoustic performances from Chicago area artists. Ones of those would be #71 with Parker (Now known as, “Til Morning). If you’re in a band or you’re a singer-songwriter, I suggest listening to #121 with producer, Loren Israel. Some great songwriting tips from Loren on that episode. Another cool episode I did recently was #120 with Stubhy Pandav of Lucky Boys Confusion. He shared his ten favorite music releases that he’s ever been a part of. Several people really liked that one. Stubhy has a ton of great stories to tell. 


I’ve seen that you’ve played music in some bands, as well. What are your current projects and what bands influence you musically?

Yes! I was originally in a band called, The Projection. We broke up in 2015. We were planning a reunion show this year, but then the pandemic happened. Hopefully, we can make that happen when live music resumes. In 2016, I was asked to play second guitar in Green Day tribute band, St. Jimmy. I’m still a member, but we obviously haven’t played any shows recently. Aside from that, I would like to start writing songs again. My goal is to release at least one song in 2021. I just need to push myself to do it. I miss putting out original material. 


Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?


No, thank you! This was a blast and I’m extremely honored you wanted to talk with me. I just want to say thank you to anyone that has supported Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast in any way, shape, or form. It’s been a passion project from the start and it’s growing into something bigger each day. I wouldn’t be able to keep going without all of the listeners, guests, managers, publicists, friends, and most importantly, my family. I love each and every one of you! 

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