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I recently had the opportunity to interview Estoy Listo. We discussed his new single, “Can’t Go Back”, a new holiday cover that’s coming soon, the Modern Vinyl Podcast, what’s next for him, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Of course! Happy to be here typing stuff to you!

Your new single “Can’t Go Back” just came out. Can you tell me about the songwriting and recording process?

In the way back time before the shutdown, I was more used to writing and making songs in a room with a band. That was the workflow with my previous projects. When everything shutdown, I couldn't get together with my band anymore, so I began writing demos just on my own with my piano in my room. My music partner, Gabriel Rodriguez, lives with me, so we were able to work together on a handful of demos for this new project, once I had a few ideas done. "Can't Go Back" was born out of this process. I felt that the lyrics in that demo really reflected how I felt in quarantine and in the world around me.

We work out of a studio in our house, so we recorded and layered everything at home.

Bartees Strange is featured on the song. How did that feature work out?

At some point during the summer of 2019, I reached out to Bartees to make some artwork for him. We continued working together on his release of The National covers put out earlier this year on Brassland Projects (Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy). I made a lyric video for his cover of "About Today". Later in the summer of 2020 when I was working on doing to final takes of "Can't Go Back" I sent Bartees a message with the song demo and a brief of what this new project was. I knew his voice would be perfect for the part. He was totally into it and sent over an amazing vocal take on the first try. He fit so perfectly for that section of the song. I was really happy we were able to get him on the track.

You’re working on more material for next year. What can fans expect? 

We just wrapped up a special cover for the holidays that might be out by the time this goes up. "Can't Go Back" was part of a collection of demos that Gabe and I are still working on. Although we don't know exactly what that release will look like in scope. We intend on releasing new material in the first half of next year. Some type of bigger release than just a single, for sure.

Do you have a song you’re currently working on that you’re excited for people to hear? 

Since it's fresh in my mind, I'm really excited for this holiday cover we just wrapped up. It's something special to me and I'm excited for people to hear it.

The imagery you used in the new lyric video, as well as the photos you’re using to promote the single, are very bold. Who came up with the idea for the imagery around this new song?

Thank you! Bold was definitely something I wanted to achieve. I came up with the direction for the photos and video with the help of my friend Courtney Coles (she's a very talented photographer and everyone should work with her, because she's awesome!). I really wanted to present this project with a strong thesis. This is my first solo project and I really wanted to put my vulnerability on display. Since we're all at home, it's easy to forget that we are still human and going through trauma together. Don't be afraid to express yourself and your art. I figured if I laid it all out there for my audience, it could give people some inspiration to do the same.

You’ve been in a few different musical projects. What are the similarities and differences in your writing and creative process with this project and your others?

It's hard to tell if this is because of quarantine, or because of the nature of this project, but this is the first time that I've written and recorded a song entirely at home. The song began its life in my bedroom and then was recorded, mixed and mastered in the same house by just two people. It's a new direction for me, but I feel like it works really well for this project. There's a lot of freedom gained when your project is just yourself. It also means I'm much more accountable for getting stuff done too. double edge sword stuff, ya know?

You recently released a new limited hat. Do you have plans for more merch?

I do! The hat was a bit of a test run for merch. Without the ability to play shows, it's hard to push merch, so I’m waiting until next year to see what happens with the world before I make more. I design everything myself, so I really want to make something unique for merch, stuff that people might not typically find at a merch table.

I always listened to the Modern Vinyl Podcast (which later was re-branded as Stereo Confidential). You were a co-host on that show for years. Can you tell me about why it ended? Is there any chance you’d ever like to do more MV episodes?

At the beginning of 2020, all of us were feeling intense burnout in life. The shutdown did not help either. All of us were going through times of depression and uncertainty. In the interest of sustaining our mental health and supporting each other, we came to the decision to end the podcast and focus on ourselves. James, Chris, and Britton are some of my best friends and we still talk practically every day on Discord about things happening on Twitter, or in our own lives.

I'm not sure what the future holds for the show, but I know we talk about it every now and then. We haven't stopped being friends, so there's always hope for something new.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for talking with me! It means a lot. If you haven't already, go listen to our song, "Can't Go Back" ft. Bartees Strange on whatever streaming platform you prefer. Add us to a playlist and keep sharing us. It means the world. If the new holiday song is up, go check that out on our Bandcamp as well! Please take care of yourselves during all this chaos.

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