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I recently had the opportunity to interview Josh Lott from Speak In Spirit and Stellar Kin. We discussed his early interest in music,  influences, recording music with both bands, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

No problem… I was taken back a bit to learn that anyone would be interested honestly.

What initially got you into music and made you want to start a band, and more specifically what got you into the Christian music scene?

I started my first band (Atonement) in 98? A couple guys from my Sunday school class wanted to compete in our Church’s talent show. We all had musical backgrounds so we decided to form a band. We learned some Audio Adrenaline and DC talk covers but the talent show never happened so we started writing our own songs. I don’t feel like we ever intentionally decided to be a Christian band… It just kind of worked out that way.


Speak In Spirit mixed some elements from a few different genres. How did you guys find your sound? What were some of your biggest influences?

Yeah Speak in Spirit was all over the place. It was a kind of a mix between mainstream metal and hardcore. When we first started we were all pretty big Deftones fans. I’ve never been able to sing so my only options were to scream or rap. We slowly started phasing out the rapcore and moved to hardcore with as many breakdowns as we could throw in.

You were the vocalist, as well as the percussionist, for Speak In Spirit. What made you want to incorporate percussion in the band?

Cameron (drummer) and I was both in marching band together. We both were in drumline. I believe it was my junior year of marching band our drum solo was Stomp, which we loved. As soon as we started Speak In Spirit we knew we wanted to implement that into our music.

What’s one of your favorite moments from recording the Speak In Spirit EP?

It was all a new experience for me and a bit frustrating. You know what you want a song to sound like but it wouldn’t always work.

Before Speak In Spirit broke up the band was talking about a debut album that was never released. It was going to feature various members of other bands from the scene that you were a part of at the time. Did you make it very far into the writing and recording process for that album? Do you have any recordings?

I’m surprised you know about that. Yes, my goal was to create a cd that featured members of all the bands in the scene. We even had Kevin Young from Disciple planning on doing some vocals. We were only able to get one song recorded and it had guest vocals from Jay Mattingly, Michael Maddox, and Miles Fuqua. I can get you a copy of that if you would like.

Speaking of the break up, what caused the band to break up? 
Man.. It’s been so long I can’t exactly remember. After Justin (bass) quit we started a new band called “A Beautiful Mistake” which consisted of Chris Embry (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Danny May (Guitar), Cameron Case (Drums), Jon Phelps of Anne Hutchinson (Bass), Joey Stewart of C-Cell (Keyboard). We wrote one song and I regret more than anything we didn’t get it recorded. We then kind of fizzled out. I then started playing drums from Blue Orphan Rescue and then quit to join Stellar Kin.

How long did you play in Blue Orphan Rescue and what made you want to be in that band? Did you record anything with them?

Blue Orphan was from Livermore #Livercore. They were all a few years younger than us and used to come to our practices. They were both figuratively and literally our little brothers. They were a great band and when I go back and listen to the demo I'm bummed they didn't get more attention. I quit BOR to join Stellar Kin because in reality I don't think I was a good enough drummer to keep up with those kids. Once Cameron started playing with them I knew I made the right decision. Cameron should have really been the drummer for them from the start but he had just gotten married and was taking a break from music.

After Speak In Spirit you joined Stellar Kin as the drummer and you also did some back-up vocals on some of the songs as well. What made you want to join that band and what do you feel like you brought to the band?

If I remember right Stellar Kin was breaking up. Derek was ready to move on but Brandon and I wouldn’t let him. We basically told him we were joining the band and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

You recorded an EP with Stellar Kin. What are a couple of your favorite memories from being in the studio with Stellar Kin?

Jason Clark actually played drums on the EP. I recorded all the screamo vocals. I did do all the drums on the full length “We Need to Know” album. I can get you a copy if you don’t have it.

I like the drum sounds captured on the ‘Save The Changes’ EP. Can you tell me a bit about recording it? 

Jon Doss recorded both albums. I’m not a huge fan of the “Save the Changes” EP actually. Recording the full length was a blast. Jon did a great job. There are so many things I loved about our full length that I still look back on and I’m super proud of.

What’s your favorite memory from recording the Stellar Kin album? Do you remember what your drum setup was for the album?

Man.. So many.. I recorded Kennedy Road fully nude. The clapping part on Important Things was actually done with us slapping our bellies. Drums were recorded where we practiced which was this old building that had a big open room with wooden floors and brick walls. It had a nice natural reverb sound.

What’s your favorite show you’ve ever played?

Speak In Spirit: We played a show in Owensboro once that was unreal. The show basically ended with everyone in the PIT worshiping. There were people crying, praying, speaking in tongues it was super intense and a perfect example of what spirit filled hardcore. Stellar Kin: Probably our CD release party at Brothers Pizza. Any show at Brothers was always great.

Do you still listen to any of the music from that era? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Yes.. Pretty much any hardcore/metal I listen to was from that time. I feel like my parents claiming the best music came from the era. Training for Utopia, Underoath, Zao, Strong Arm, Living Sacrafice, Every Time I Die, etc...

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Derek has a much better memory than I do and would be much better at answering any SK questions.

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