Sound In The Signals - Best Albums of 2019

We shared our most anticipated albums and EPs list early this year and many of those made the Best Albums & EP Lists for 2019. Check out the albums that made 2019 for us below and our best EPs of 2019 here and our best albums of the decade list here.

 1.blink-182 - Nine

blink-182 is a band that I’ve been listening to for decades and with ‘Nine’ it’s nice to hear they can still create an exciting and fresh listening experience. I like the slight style experimentation on this album and I think Skiba was utilized better here than on the previous album. I think this album has great catchy songs, but it also challenged the listener in a creative way.

2.Northbound - Soul Kiss

I’ve been a fan of this band since near the beginning and I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve released, but this album cranks it up to 11 for my enjoyment factor. The songs and production are the best the band’s ever done and the album flows fantastically. It’s all killer and no filler. It’s such a great listen and the songs are so well written and thought-out.
3.Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride
This album was sort of a big risk for the band. It’s long and it takes some chances stylistically, but it all works in grand fashion. I think all the songs are really good. The production is great and there are a lot of great vocal and instrumental performances on the album.

4.Juice WRLD - Death Race For Love

I feel like this album is the high point of the internet rap genre Juice WRLD came from (the Lyrical Lemonade/No Jumper led scene). It’s fantastically well done. Juice’s performance is great on the beats and the songs are mostly pretty catchy. He does a great job bringing in some  emo and punk sounds. Nothing ever feels really forced or cheesy.
5.Grayscale - Nella Vita

This is the best batch of songs this band has made yet. It’s a more fully realized version of the band with a little more sound experimentation and a tighter focus on fleshing out the songs and fine tuning everything. I really like the vocal performance and the lyrics. It’s just a really solid album.
6. The Meantime - A Reason To Try
I’ve always thought Chris Regan was a great vocalist and lyricist. This album continues that trend. They coupled that with songs that incorporate folk, punk, and emo elements in a similar way to how Limbeck did and the album becomes undeniably great.
 7.Waterparks - Fandom

Waterparks, I feel like, is kind of a polarizing band. They have a ton of fans, but I see a lot of negativity about them on the internet. In any case, this album is really interesting and I really like the vocals and the direction they went on the album. I think stylistically it works nicely. The songs are catchy and the album flows well.
  8.Woes - Awful Truth
This band captures the energy of the newer pop/punk sound (think Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck) extremely well. They also take some chances and incorporate some interesting R&B and maybe even a little of some of the emo rap elements musically. The experimental songs show the band were willing to take some chances while the more standard pop/punk songs anchor the album. It’s a solid album with a ton of great songs.
 9.Tsunami Bomb - The Spine That Binds

Reunion albums can be tough and replacing a vocalist can make or break an album. Fortunately for Tsunami Bomb everything works and they sound as good as ever. The songs capture the energy I liked from the band and the new vocalist is a perfect fit honestly. She brings a ton of energy and new life into the band and on these songs.
10.Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center

This album brings together two great singer songwriters and the result is great. This is my favorite thing Connor Oberst has done in a while and Phoebe Bridgers continues to be a really impressive newer artist.
 11.Fortune Cove - Dear Happiness

This record scratches the more classic early-mid 2000s pop/punk itch. The songs are really catchy and a bunch of them are fast. It sounds like Rufio mixed with The Starting Line in pretty awesome fashion.
12.The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature
This is easily one of the best albums the band has ever written. Lyrically and musically this band is back to how they sounded at their peak. There are great vocals and lyrics on this album. I think it’s produced nicely. I think the band cements their place as one of the best bands from their genre with this album.
13.Roam - Smile Wide
This album was a huge step up for the band stylistically and songwriting wise. With it they’ve separated themselves away from the pack. I think it’s the most realized version of this band and easily their best album.
14.Knocked Loose - A Different Shade Of Blue
This album is a ferocious beast of a heavy album. The vocals and songwriting are at the top of the genre. It feels like it will become a classic album for the genre over time.  Few bands can be this impressive and Knocked Loose just nailed it on this album.
15.Sleep On It - Pride And Disaster
I think the band really hit their stride with this album. The songs are all solid and the album flows really nicely. I like the themes of the album a lot. It's a great album for this genre. It's catchy and infectious while lyrically having some good meaning.


16.Oso Oso - Basking In The Glow

17. Smokepurpp - Deadstar 2

18.Youth Fountain - Letters To Our Former Selves

19.Lil Tracy - Anarchy

20.Post Malone - Hollywood’s Bleeding

21.Issues - Beautiful Oblivion

22.Wristmeetrazor - Misery Never Forgets

23.SeeYouSpaceCowboy - The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds

24.Kanye West - Jesus Is King

25.Hold Close - Time

26.Audio Karate  - Malo

27.Nicholas Jamerson - Floyd County All-Star

28.Tyler, The Creator - IGOR

29.Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury

30.Lagwagon - Railer

31.Scott Sellers - Power Hungry
32.YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy

33.Brockhampton - Ginger

34.Tyler Childers - Country Squire

35.Eat Your Heart Out - Florescence

36.Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Suffer On

37.Copeland - Blushing

38.Masked Intruder - III

39.Third Eye Blind - Screamer

40.Yung Bans - Misunderstood

41.Tool - Fear Inoculum
42.The Maine - You Are OK

43.Prince Daddy & The Hyenas - Cosmic Thrill Seekers

44.As Cities Burn - Scream Through The Walls

45.Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

46.American Football - III

47.Sublime With Rome - Blessings

48.Lana Del Rey - NFR

49.Chance The Rapper - The Big Day

50.Chris Farren - Born Hot

51.Origami Angel - Somewhere City

52.Billie Eilish - When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

53.Dying In Designer - Nobody’s Happy.

54.Lil Tecca - We Love You Tecca

55.The Get Up Kids - Problems

56.The Rocket Summer - Sweet Shivers

57.The Callous Daoboys - Die On Mars

58.Lil Pump - Harverd Dropout

59.100 Gecs - 1000 Gecs

 60.Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion

61.Future Teens - Breakup Season

62.Drippinsopretty - Die For You

63.6 Dogs - Hi-Hats And Heartaches

64.Bones - Under The Willow Tree

65.Convolk - Worried Sick

66.Trippie Redd - !

67.Beam - 95

68.Leo Randeau - Right On Time

69.Nedarb - Amity

70.The Devil Wears Prada - The Act

71.Cody Jinks - The Wanting

72.Cold Heart And Yawns - Good Morning Cruel World

73.Black Marble - Bigger Than Life

74.Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind

75.Baggage - Life In Misophonia

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