Video Premiere: Twin Tides - “Risk It All”

Twin Tides, a pop trio from the foothills of the Smokies, just shared new song, “Risk It All”. While they say it has been difficult to find the time to be creative in the past as they all balance their dreams with life, they are happy to share their favorite song to date. Read what they have to say about the song and watch the video premiere of “Risk It All” below.

“We spent almost an entire year in silence. Our goal from the beginning has been to release music. One song after another, and as much as we possibly could. It’s been a real struggle. The more time passed by, the more pressure we felt to release something more avant-garde. We experimented with so many different sounds and demo’d out numerous songs before what would become “Risk It All” kind of fell into our laps. We were dealing with life in full force. This song felt like home. This song became a moment of clarity for us. I think we really stopped worrying about turning heads or making our mark, and just got back to writing music purely out of self enjoyment. The truth is, it’s never really that complicated. Life and all of its inner workings hinge on what we as individuals spend our energy currency on. There comes that time when you have to turn off the noise and just celebrate the moment when something makes perfect sense. Risk It All is about just that. It’s much more than just a love song. It’s about that moment in life when you realize that what you want is worth losing everything for.”

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