Lil Peep - 'Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1' (Album Review)

Lil Peep is an artist I have been following for a while. I've enjoyed a lot of his music and thought it was really interesting to watch him emerge from the Soundcloud scene to become one of the bigger buzz artists of 2017. Unlike Bones, who I feel like paved the way for a lot of these newer artists but is more content with his underground status, Lil Peep seems to be making more of his early buzz by releasing a bit more of a high profile release with part one of his debut album 'Come Over When You're Sober'.

I'm not going to lie. This is probably one of my more anticipated projects this year so I was expecting big things going into this. The first single "Benz Truck" is infectious, moody, and it refined Peep's sound nicely. It is very well realized. It has a swagger to it as well as some ethereal cloud rap appeal. It maintains some of that vibe that is popular with a lot of emerging "soundcloud rappers", but it sounds like a big step in a really good way. It is woozy, interesting, and a pretty good debut single for this album.

The second single "The Brightside" is just as good if not better. It is another really moody more alternative rock track. It has some really great guitar work that sets the tone of the song. Honestly the guitar part would feel right at home on Brand New's album 'Deja Entendu'. Lil Peep sounds kind of haunting on the track and like "Benz Truck" it is incredibly infectious. It feels like it has a little more potential to be a hit due to the lyrical nature of the song versus "Benz Truck". It also kind of captures the vibe that had a lot of bloggers and vloggers tagging Peep with the "emo" genre earlier in the year. "Awful Things" featuring Lil Tracy has the same kind of "emo rap" vibe. "U Said" starts off somber before the switch up midway through and the song gets a more upbeat, smooth feel musically and vocally. I really like the switch up in the song. It's another really solid song on this release.

Overall, I think the songs really do come out sounding like a really successful hybrid of multiple genres in a lot more of a cohesive way than some of his previous music has. It really feels like Peep has found and started to refine his sound with this release. The songs accomplish excatly what he was going for. This lived up to the hype for me. I'm interested to see what a presumable part 2 would have to offer. I would also assume part 2 will hopefully bring this up to more of a full length album. This first part is more of an EP without it. I think when I'm looking at some of the newer underground artists that live in and around the rap world and comparing them to this release it might be the coolest project aesthetically and sound wise since Lil Yachty released 'Lil Boat' last year. I would definitely recommend this one. I wouldn't be surprised if this landed high on my end of the year list. I think I'm going to listen to this one a ton.

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