Fat Nick - "Sea Sick" Ft. Ghostemane (Song Review)

Riding high off his latest collaboration EP with Pouya, Fat Nick has released his new single "Sea Sick" featuring Ghostemane. This song packs a big punch from a woozy beat that has keys and sounds that remind me a little of the hyphy sounds from the Bay area circa 2008-2009ish. The beat is great and Fat Nick delivers rhymes with this flow that is really hypnotic and smooth. He conveys a lot of personality and style. Ghostemane comes in with the really chaotic delivery that he's known for and it adds a nice amount of chaos and energy to the song. Fat Nick and Ghostemane's style and flow are very different but they compliment each other nicely. After this track I'd honestly like to hear these two team up for a collaboration EP. If this song is any indication then I think it would be extremely good. Both artists come off very strong on this song and it's very easy to hear why both of these rappers are poised to have an extremely big 2017. They are definitely coming into some of their best song writing and material within these last few months. I expect them to become a much larger presence in the underground scene this year. In any case, I would highly recommend this song. It's well worth your listen and if you've never heard either Fat Nick or Ghostemane before I think this a great introduction to both artists. Check this one out!

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