The Chainsmokers - "Paris" (Song Review)

I was talking to a fellow music critic about some of the criticism that The Chainsmokers have received about their image, their music, and so on. Some look at them as a vanilla EDM duo who is more concerned with popular appeal than advancing the genre in any way. That critic hit the nail on the head when talking about others criticism and disapproval and said: "They make hits. Deal with it." It's true. That's really what they do. In a way that advances the genre because it maintains its spotlight and importance in modern popular music. "Paris" is just another "hit" from The Chainsmokers in an impressive collection of very catchy hits. With guitar elements that echo The 1975 and an earworm chorus it's obvious that the group know how to crank out what the vast majority of listeners want. It might be "EDM light" but it's also "EDM popular". I also can't deny that even though you could easily find more technical or capital I important EDM groups making groundbreaking releases that The Chainsmokers deserve a large amount of respect for understanding listeners. Whether or not everyone likes it there is a huge chance that the duo will go down as an important part of the EDM movement. "Paris" is a song that just screams to be listened to. It's insanely catchy and I have no doubt that it will garner multiple listens from the people fueling the duo's success to this point. The Chainsmokers, in my opinion, have started 2017 off in a big way by proving they're not just a 2016 fad and they plan to keep the hits coming. I think this one is definitely worth checking out!

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