The Misfits - #1 (Cover & Description)

This is out December 21, 2016. Check out the full cover and a description of the issue below.

“GREEN IS THE NEW EVERYTHING,” part 1! Their songs may be better, but the Misfits have lost their label and nobody will touch them in the music business. On the ropes and desperate to get back on top, they’re forced to consider the worst case scenario…A MISFITS REALITY TV SHOW. Though it promises the chance to get them back in the spotlight, it comes with a heavy, privacy-destroying price.
  • Learn how The Misfits first came together!
  • Will a Misfits Reality Show be the thing that will finally tear them apart… forever?!
  • Misfit’s first ever series of their own!
  • Variant cover by George Caltsoudas!

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