ESSIE - "Electric Wires"

ESSIE is the new dreamy indie/pop solo project from Melbourne based singer/songwriter, Jess Holt. Her debut song "Electric Wires", reflects on her travels and desire to always be on the move experiencing new environments and her fascination with meeting new people. It's about the people you meet on the journey that make you see the world in a different way and keep things new and exciting. She said "when writing, a song usually grabs hold of me and my subconscious takes over. Sometimes it's a very therapeutic process, other times it can be a little daunting to really address those deepest inner thoughts. I get bored pretty easily so creating something that is unique to each song is really important to me".

London-based producer Dan Villalobos helped craft the song and the single artwork was designed by acclaimed singer/songwriter and visual artist, Bertie Blackman. Jess added "I was first introduced to Bertie's artwork at her recent solo exhibition in Melbourne. I fell in love with the way her drawings told such beautiful quirky stories and thought it would act as a nice accompaniment to ‘Electric Wires’. It was the perfect collaboration as Bertie’s exhibition also incorporated a lot of ‘electric’ symbolism". She plans to release her debut EP in 2017 after she launches the new project and "Electric Wires" in Melbourne on Wednesday, December 14th at The Grace Darling Hotel. Listen to the track below.

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