Charli XCX - "After The Afterparty" Ft. Lil Yachty (Song Review)

Charli XCX has returned with "After The Afterparty" featuring Lil Yachty. Charli's last album, 2014's Sucker, was a pretty solid pop album. She has described this upcoming album as her "party" album and I think this single (and video) pretty much introduce the listener to what will probably be the vibe of the album. I think her vocals are pretty strong on this song. Lyrically, it isn't too bad. Most of the lyrics work. There are a couple cringe-worthy lyrics here and there, but nothing too detrimental that it destroys the listener's ability to enjoy the song. The chorus of this song is a huge ear worm and it's insanely catchy. It might have one of the more catchier choruses of Charli XCX's career. It's at least just as catchy as Sucker's single "Boom Clap". Lil Yachty, rapper of the moment, has released quite a bit of music this year and he's been featured on a ton of tracks. He provides a solid and true to his style feature. Anyone familiar with Yachty has heard him use the auto-tuned rapping style, which he uses on this song. It fits the pop vibe of the song pretty nicely. It's well placed in the song and adds a lot to the overall vibe. I think getting him for this single was a good addition to the song. Overall I think this song was pretty good and enjoyable. It's catchy, fun, and I think it definitely grabs my interest enough to want to hear the new album. Find it on all the digital platforms.

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