The Vigil - New Album 'Save Our Souls' Details

Bristol-based alt rockers The Vigil have announced the details of their upcoming album, Save Our Souls. It's due out on November 25th. Nigel Pulsford (Bush) produced the album. They said "Nigel is by far my favourite lead player from the '90's alt rock explosion with such an interesting approach and texture that isn't your standard rock guitar licks. Making the album was a really exciting time, some days we would have Royal Blood in the next room over and The Pixies were in the studio after us we knew we were in the right place. The album is the out pouring of our entire musical journey from when we were kids to the present day, the struggle, the moments of triumph and most of all, the expression of a sound that we've longed for in other bands that we have tried our best to deliver. We are very happy with how it has turned out and it will hopefully allow us to build on the sound and make another album". See the cover, the tracklist, and their upcoming tour dates below.

1. All You've Done
2. Black Arrow
3. Nothing Sacred
4. Do You Feel Alive
5. Hell To Pay
6. Liar's Chair
7. Find A Way
8. No One Wins
9. Absinthium
10. Feeding Time
11. Know What You Are
12. Turn The Tide


Tour Dates:
9th October - Bristol, The Fleece with Toseland and Illustr8tors
21st October - Gloucester, The Lower George
10th November - Bristol, The Exchange with Unzucht
11th November - Cardiff, Fuel Rock Club with Unzucht
12th November - Cheltenham, 2 Pigs with Unzucht
15th November - Birmingham, The Flapper with Unzucht

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