Issue Of The Month: "Snotgirl" #1 (July 2016)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue from any current running comic series to highlight. For July 2016, I decided to pick Snotgirl #1.

I've waited in anticipation for a while for Snotgirl issue 1, which is the new ongoing series from Scott Pilgrim mastermind Bryan Lee O'Malley. Just from looking at some of the teaser stuff for this issue I knew that I really liked the art, stylistically. It has a very cool and very modern look. I think that's really important for a comic like this since it is tackling a very modern subject. Basically this comic revolves around fashion bloggers who project an image that may not be 100% accurate outside of their internet life. We have a fashion blogger who projects a perfect image, but off the web in the real world she doesn't have quite the interaction with her friends as she does with her followers. She also has allergies! Yes, Snotgirl is a gooey, snotty mess. It's a great, fun first start to this series. O'Malley continues to be impressive with his interesting way of creating characters. There are also some pretty dark elements at play in this story especially with the lead character. She lives in a fantasy world, is slightly unhinged, and is closed off from the world living inside her head while having this very well known online presence. I think this could make for a really interesting series and it's off to a really great start.

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