Atmosphere - "Ringo" (Song Review)

Atmosphere has been a constant, for me, for quite a while. I've been listening to them pretty regularly since the early 2000s. I think the duo's production, rhyming ability, and lyrical output has been really interesting. Their music always evolves. They find a way to stand out among their peers and they still seem exciting musically far into their career. Their new single "Ringo", from their upcoming album Fishing Blues, is wacky and kind of off the wall in all the best ways. Slug's lyrics and the flow are really interesting. I think the word choice and rhyming style presented here makes the song really listenable and easily digestible for a large audience. This might just be one of the more catchy, accessible singles Atmosphere has released in a long time. I think Ant's production fits nicely with Slugs flow on the track. At times, Atmosphere's production comes off more brooding and dark. I think there are slight elements of that in the instrumental and some of the lyrics, but overall this song feels much more vibrant in sound. The lyrics do nod to the way people love to see a star fall off, but there is a defiant brim of optimism in the lyrics that I really like. I think the vibrant nature makes this feel more like a "Summer" Atmosphere song. There are also nods to Summer in the lyrics. It's a really good song. It's the type of song where the chorus gets stuck in your head and the beat has you bobbing your head through the entire thing. Meanwhile the lyrics have some good substance, as well. This is pretty fun and really good. It definitely builds a lot of anticipation with me for the upcoming album.

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