The Classic Crime - What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited (Album Artwork/Track List)

This is out October 27, 2014. Pre-order the album: HERE. Check out the full album artwork and track list after the jump.

1.  All the Memories (Revisited)
2.  You and Me Both (Revisited)
3.  Salt in the Snow (Revisited)
4.  We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited)
5.  Vagabonds (Revisited)
6.  The Coldest Heart (Revisited)
7.  My Name (Revisited)
8.  Who Needs Air (Acoustic Version)
9.  Beautiful Darkside (Revisited)
10.  God and Drugs (Revisited)
11.  Headlights (Acoustic Version)
12.  The Fight (Acoustic Version)
13.  Selfish (Bonus Track) [Live in Studio]
14.  Where Did You Go (Bonus Track)

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